CHEATERS are Ruining Friday The 13th, This Has to Stop. (Where is Gun Media)?

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The threat to ban players from online play isn’t working, in fact, it has failed to stop anyone at all and Gun Media needs to take massive action because online play is being ruined by all the cheaters online. The Friday The 13th game would be fun to play if it wasn’t for all the cheaters online. Gun Media has mentioned that an update is coming soon for Xbox One console players but while we wait for that, we have to deal with a constant battle over cheaters who use game glitches to their advantage.

Gun Media asked the players nicely to not do this and they threatened to ban anyone who did……but only for two weeks. I am not getting more cheaters than ever on my Twitch channel and it makes it very hard to stream with followers when you have cheaters in every round of gameplay. I guess Gun Media only bans you for 2 weeks and then you can come back and cheat all over again.

This is ruining the online experience for players and the names of those cheaters should be made public, in fact I can help with that. Visit our Youtube Channel and watch our “Caught on Video” episodes where we show cheaters in action and have the video evidence for proof.

Today 7.10.2017, I ran into 2 more cheaters and this was on the Xbox One gaming console. Here are the two names of the players who cheated during gameplay.

Gamertag: absorbedSine531

Gamertag: joshma654


July 10th Screenshot 2017-07-10 17-49-32
It wasn’t hard to figure out who they were!
These two people don’t give a shit about rules, they decided to cheat in the first few minutes of the game. Not even 2 minutes into a match, these two assholes are up on the rooftop.


I sent these two people a text on Xbox One telling them that I sent Gun Media a copy of the pics and videos of them cheating…….you wanna know what their response was?

July 10th Screenshot 2017-07-10 18-13-19
Here is the response from AbsorbedSine531
July 10th Screenshot 2017-07-10 18-12-59
Here is joshma654 and his response.

This has become such a huge problem with online play, its out of control.

You can see CHEATER videos on our channel by clicking on the links below.

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.

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