This Person (Cheats) While Playing Friday The 13th “The Game”. {Video Footage}

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The following video exposes an Xbox One player for cheating while playing the Friday The 13th Game online. The game makers Gun Media asked players specifcally “NOT” to cheat and use the Glitches to your advantage but as always, some idiots don’t pay attention.

The gamertag of the player on Xbox One is Webslayer23, that player cheats online when they play Friday The 13th “The Game”. This player cheated in back to back rounds using glitches to their advantage and the best part is……we have video evidence of it all. Once Gun Media see’s this footage, Webslayer23‘s account will be banned forever. I hope it was worth it!

Enjoy The Video! Send me some links in the comments section if you have cheater videos on your channel, I want to see who else is dealing this this crap.

Competition Sports wants to give a “Shout Out” to the following players on Xbox One.

*Busted 61custom

Sorry you had to deal with a cheater while I was streaming our match on my Twitch channel. I just wanted you to know that we got your back! Hit us up anytime you want to play Friday The 13th online.

Thank You
Michael Opolski: Owner “Competition Sports”


You can watch Cheaters Part 1 and 2 by clikcing the links below.

PART #1.

PART #2.


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