Zander Kim KO’s TJ Dillashaw in (Super Fight).

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Zander Kim is one of the greatest fighters to ever step foot into the Octagon, he has a UFC Record that will most likely never be broken. Zander Kim is 30-0 with 30 KO’s……That’s right you read that correctly, he has knocked out every single person he has faced in the UFC.

The list of fighters he had KO’d is impressive. Most people know him as the guy who knocked out Connor Mcgregor….Twice! Zander Kim is a once in a lifetime fighter and as his fame grew, so did the list of people looking to take his title.

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-22-01

During a UFC autograph session, TJ Dillashaw walked up to Zander Kim’s booth and tossed a pen at him and said “Sign a contract that says we fight and I’ll fight you for FREE”. TJ called out the undefeated champion in front of a packed house full of UFC fans, Zander had no choice but to accept.

Dana White said that this is a super fight for many reasons and the biggest is TJ could be the guy who finally ends the KO streak of Zander. We asked Dana about that and here is what he said…..

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-22-07

{Dana White}Zander Kim had knocked out every person he has ever faced, he has won a title in two divisions and one day I get this call from TJ saying “Hey why is Zander ducking me?” I told TJ that he wasn’t and that he had to become the #1 contender in order to fight this guy. After some back and forth TJ said what he needed to say and I’ll tell you what, he convinced me. This kid is fighting for FREE! and I told him I will still pay him his “Show Money” no matter what but if he is willing to step into the Octagon with Zander and risk not being paid the full amount, I’m In! TJ really wanted this fight and he feels he was over looked and that Zander should have fought him a while ago, This fight will settle that.

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-25-13
Zander Kim lands an Uppercut That KO’s Dillashaw.

{Competiton Sports} – Is there any chance TJ gets knocked out?

{Dana White} – Of Course there is, Zander is the hardest hidding little guy I have ever seen in my life and by little guy I mean “Lightweights”. He dominated everyone at 145 lbs, then he drops down to 135 and no one can touch him. His hands are made of brick I’m telling you.

{Competition Sports} – Is Zander Kim the greatest fighter ever in the history of the UFC?

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-24-51

{Dana White} – Without question. My answer is 100% Yes. No one in the world of fighting has ever KO’d every single person they have faced, not even Mike Tyson, or Muhammad Ali accomplished that and we all know how great they were at hitting people. Zander is a once in a lifetime fighter, he’s a real warrior and he just knows how to beat you, and beat you badly. He’s a scary dude.

On the night of the Fight, Zander told TJ that he would be KO’d in the first round and TJ laughed at him and said “Eat Shit”. Zander then laughed at TJ and then after a few seconds of laughing he all of the sudden stopped.

It was kind of creepy but when he did the entire room went silent and then Zander had this look in his eyes of pure hatred and he grabbed the microphone and stood up and said “I will knock you out in the first round and after that you should retire because I will seriously damage your brain in this fight you asshole”

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-23-28
Zander Kim Stuns TJ Dillshaw with a right uppercut.

This was the first time anyone had ever heard Zander talk. No one knew that he spoke english let alone speak at all. The entire room had no idea how to react it was creepy but at the same time it was very Ivan Drago like. I wanted him to say “I Must Break You” but telling someone you are about to damage their brain because you will him them so hard is a pretty detailed statement and well thought out. What’s even more creepy is what Zander said afterwards to us in the Pre Show interview that really surprised us.

Here is what he said….

{Zander Kim} – I’m going to tell the world now that tonight I am not playing games, TJ Dillashaw’s career will be over tonight, I’m sorry to tell this to his family on  “Live” TV but TJ is going to have to retire after this fight and I will tell you why……I know his weaknesses, I see them, I see them all, and tonight I will expsose his biggest weakness which is?………let’s just say this. I will Knock Out TJ Dillashaw in the first round with a devastating uppercut that will knock him out cold and it will land perfectly and it will do enough damage to end his career……Lights Out Motherfucker!

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-25-38
The G.O.A.T called his shot, KO by way of uppercut.

We had no idea that Zander’s hatred for TJ ran this deep. I guess the months of TJ harassing him finally got the better of him but no matter what, Zander Kim means business. When the fight started is was very clear that TJ wanted to take this fight to the ground. He got Zander down a couple times and then it was all down hill after that for TJ.

Zander hammered him with shots and kept the fight standing. Late in the first round Zander did what he predicted, he KO’d TJ with an uppercut and TJ was indeed “Out Cold”. 

It was one of the hardest hitting uppercuts I have ever seen in UFC history. When Zander landed that punch, TJ was out before he hit the ground. The instant replay showed that it was in fact a perfectly timed shot and it was on the button. Knowing how hard Zander hits, it was no surprise that TJ was Knocked out.

Zander Kim Vs TJ Dillashaw (Super Fight Challenge) Screenshot 2017-07-03 22-24-40
Zander Kim Stays Undefeated at 31-0

With that victory Zander Kim improves his UFC record to 31-0 with 31 Knock Outs. If he retired today he would be the greatest fighter ever in the UFC history. On a sad note, I think we may have seen the last of TJ Dillashaw.

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