Zander Kim is The New UFC Featherweight Champion.

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Zander Kim has shocked the world! Ever since he stepped foot into the octagon he has made his mark on the UFC Featherweight Division. Zander Kim came into the UFC as an unknown kickboxer who had a few pro fights but his record was not something that was actually recorded.

His coaching staff says that he had a perfect 33-0 kickboxing record before moving over to the UFC but no one can actually verify those 33 wins but I think its safe to say that its most likely true because if you are a fan of the UFC, then you have to be a fan of Zander Kim.

Zander Kim Vs Romeo Olson (Champion) Screenshot 2017-06-27 16-22-16
#1 Contender Zander Kim KO’s (Champion) Romeo Olsen to Claim the 145 Title.

Zander Kim came into his championship fight against Judo world champion Romeo Olsen with only one thing in mind……“Get The KO”. Zander Kim looked like the better fighter in the championship matchup. He out paced Olsen and beat him to the punch many times and it was enough to let Zander know that tonight was his night.

Both men exchanged a series of punches standing toe to toe but it was Zander who connected the crushing blow to end the fight. Zander Kim has knock out power and has what many refer to as “The Touch of Death”. Connor Mcgregor has also been labeled as a fighter who has that ability to knock you out with a single punch.

Zander Kim Career Screenshot 2017-06-27 16-31-29
Connor Macgregor had no answer for Zander Kim’s “Death Touch”

For a while Zander was being sent on a wild goose chase by Dana White and the UFC Brass. Time after time Zander was not given a title shot and he felt as if the UFC was overlooking him. Anytime a UFC fighter feels like they are not getting a fair deal they usually get on Twitter and rant about how life isn’t fair, Zander Kim did the opposite, he kept quiet and continued to KO people.

After a few months of seeing his progress UFC President Dana White said the following.

{Dana White}“Hey listen, this Zander kid is the real deal but at the same time he is in the most stacked division in the UFC, there are a lot of guys who deserve title shots and its not just him. I have decided to really test this kid, he’s kept quiet, he’s stayed off of Twitter so he has earned my respect and for that he gets Connor Mcgregor next”

Connor Mcgregor and Zander Kim faced off and it wasn’t even a close battle. From the moment the opening bell rang this match was all Zander Kim. He out paced Mcgregor and beat him to the punch on most exchanges they had. Connor looked shocked at the hand speed of this guy and he had no answer for him during the fight.

Zander Kim Career Screenshot 2017-06-27 16-31-56
Macgregor was dominated for the first time in his career.

Zander Kim not only dominated Macgregor, but he looked liked he was on a whole different level. Dana White had no choice after that fight, he had to book Kim Vs Olsen for the Featherweight title.

Zander Kim was a slight underdog coming into his championship match against Olsen. In the past Kim has struggled against guys who could take him down but this time it would be different. Kim once again showed us why he is the best in the division. He won his first UFC title in what looked like another mismatch. Kim dominated the stand up game and anytime the two fighters did make it to the ground, Kim was quick to get back to his feet and keep the fight standing.

Zander Kim Vs Romeo Olson (Champion) Screenshot 2017-06-27 16-23-31
Romeo Olsen gets KO’d for the first time in his career.

Now that Zander Kim has defeated all the top contenders in the division the question now becomes, does he stay here and defend his title multiple times and run through the division? or does he move up a weight and see if he can be tested there?

Whatever the future holds for Zander Kim is up to him, and so far with an undefetaed record and a new title belt around his waist, I’d say his future is looking pretty good right now.

Zander Kim Vs Romeo Olson (Champion) Screenshot 2017-06-27 16-25-24

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