Retro Jason is a Becoming a Fan Favorite.

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Ever since Friday The 13th was released, it has been plagued with tons of problems ranging from server issues to memory leaks but there is one thing that has been a nice touch added by the folks over at Gun Media and that is the epic return of Retro Jason Voorhees.

For those of you who don’t know, that is an updated version of the old school Jason from the Nintendo version of the Friday The 13th Game. Back in the early Nintendo days, gamers often wondered why Jason was a teal color and had on a purple jump suit in the game?

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Jason from the 1989 version of the game on Nintendo.

If you played the game at all you know it wasn’t accurate to have him those colors but now that its 20+ years after that, what do we as gamers do?……we demand to see that version of Jason in the game! I myself as a BETA tester mentioned that it would funny if they did release a Retro version of Jason just to pay tribute to the old school one.

Well……Gun Media did just that and by the way, Retro Jason not only looks awsome, but his new theme music is amazing as well. Retro Jason is just a Skin change for the Jason from Part #3. You still have the same attributes as Jason from Part #3 except you now have a different colored outfit on that resembles the Retro look from the Nintendo Years.


The retro Jason outfit is a nice touch of nostalgia for sure and the hardcore fans of the franchise will love it no doubt. Once this new Jason skin update was announced I was curious to see how it would look and it didn’t take me long to really start appreciating the fact that an old child memory can be brought back to life and look this good.

I couldn’t wait to try out the new skin so when I got into a game lobby I made sure I picked Jason from Part #3 and I doubled checked to make sure I made the outfit change. Once the game started Jason walks out without his purple suit on so I thought that the download didn’t work but once the game got started, it was there.


Jason from Part #3 is not too bad, his run is kind of fast actually and if a counselor is injured he can catch up to them and chase them down. I started getting kills and as soon as I did I noticed that Jason music was still the same. Anytime you get near a counselor you active that particular Jason’s theme music and that let’s you know he is close to you but the Retro Jason music never kicked in so I was let down because of it.

Fast forward to the very next round. I am now AJ the counselor and whoever the person is that is playing Jason, well they are also the Retro Jason so now I get a chance to run from him so this should be fun. As soon as the game starts, I end up spawning right in front of the cabin which has the phone in it so of course Jason shows up there first so now I am screwed.


One thing I did notice was, as soon as Jason got close to the cabin his new theme music started to kick in. When I played as Retro Jason I heard the same Jason from Part #3 music but when yo uare a counselor you actually get  to hear the new music. It was hard for me to be scared at that point because the song is so cool. All I wanted to do was stand still and have Jason do the same just so I could hear the whole song……that wasn’t going to happen.

I ended up running away but eventually died when Jason caught up to me while I was trying to install gas into the car. I stepped on trap and that alerted him to where I was. The new Retro Jason looks great but I wish he came with his own set of kill moves and his very own weapon. Maybe if new DLC comes out with the single player mode release, maybe then we will see additional items fort Jason to use.


Here is a remix copy of the Retro Jason Theme that I made. The actual track itself is amazing and you should listen to it. The artist who made it is named Mitch Murder and he has a lot of 80’s themed music that is really great.


You can listen to Mitch Murder 80’s style music here:


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