Friday The 13th “The Game” Should Have These Options For Single Player Mode.

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Friday the 13th is a game that requires you to have some luck, combined with the ability to think fast on your feet. Once the single player version of the game is released, it would be nice to see some additions made to the game.

One of the things I think we should see is the ability to set our own rules for round of gameplay. There can be sliders that you adjust and you either turn things “ON” or “OFF”, I’ll show some examples.


Let’s go through the sliders posted in this picture. 

#1. Jason can carry counselor items. Why Not? if jason happens to walk by a trap that is sitting on the ground inside one of the cabins, he should be able to take it but also not be able to use it until he is outside like how it normally is for him when setting traps.

Imagine if Jason kills you, and then picks up the car keys?….you can get that item back, all you have to do is knock Jason down and take them when they fall out of his pocket.

#2. Counselors have Unlimited Stamina. If you think about it, the more stamina you have the more running you ‘ll end up doing which in return exposes you more often to Jason’s “Vision” when he uses it.  If Jason harms you in anyway, you will slow down by 50% thus killing off your ability to take advantage of unlimited cardio.


#3. Counselor’s carry two big items. This will allow you to carry both the gasoline and the car battery. you will run a little slower but you can manage to carry two major items at once. If Jason kills you and you drop both of those important items and no one can find your body, then those items are as good as lost.

gas pic

#4. Counselor’s get 2x more items. This is where you have a round that is loaded with more items BUT, some of them are decoys. {FOR EXAMPLE} you go to the barn and find two gas cans…..Nice! here’s the catch, only one of them has gas in it and you won’t know that until you begin to pour it. If the gas can is empty is will make a sound letting you know and that sound will echo a bit alerting Jason that you messed up and found yourself an empty can. There will also be two phone fuses to find, only one of them works!


#5. Weapons are not loaded. This is a setting where you have to find your ammo in order to shoot any gun in the game. You must find flares to shoot the flare gun, and you must find individual bullets for Tommy’s Rifle.

flare gun

#6. Ultimate Survivor Mode. This mode is for the cocky people who are way over confident anytime they escape or stay away from Jason long enough to leave with the police. Ultimate Survivor Mode is just that, its straight up survivor mode. In this mode you can’t call the cops and you can’t fix the car. You just have to survive for 20 minutes and hope you can make it. You will have more items in this game mode to find and use but staying alive for 20 minutes will be a tall task to overcome.

It would be nice to have a feature where you can still call the cops but in this mode the cops actually come and all they are good for is to distract Jason for maybe 30-45 seconds and then they will be dead. One cop should show up and they either get a shot fired at Jason and he drops, or Jason grabs the cop and kills him.

back breaker

Having the cop in this mode is basically equal to having another counselor but no matter what, Jason will always go after the cop before he does the counselors because once the cop shoots Jason and he gets back up, all the cop can do is run around until Jason kills him and the cop will be really slow so it won’t take long to catch him.

What you can do in this mode as a counselor is to have the option of Unlimited Stamina on to allow yourself the ability to run for your life….(Literally) that will be the only advantage you will have. Jason can use counselor items such as the traps and he can take the car keys, the gas, the battery, and the boat propeller. Jason can take those items and drop them anywhere he wants and leave a trap on top of them for you to fall victim to.

buggsy dead

There could be a very good chance that all you have to rely on is your speed and ability to out think Jason while running for your life. Jason should have the ability to take the car keys and drop them into the toilet and flush them. When Jason sets a trap outside, you can hear it, counselor’s should be able to hear when Jason takes an item you need.

The idea of Jason taking your items should act the same as when he sets traps (it makes a noise). If Jason takes your car keys and flushes them in the toilet either in the out house or in one of the cabins then you should hear a toilet flush in the distant background and that will let you know that you just lost your ride home.

If Jason Bends Your Car Keys, All You Can Do Is Sit in The Car, The Car Won’t Start.

Only Jason can access toilets and flush things, counselors can’t do that! Jason should also be able to take the car battery and destroy it by tossing it into the lake. (Shows cut scene where Jason tosses it really far out into the water.) If Jason doesn’t flush your keys, he has an option where he can bend the key so it doesn’t work. This acts much like setting a trap, you would get points for messing up the keys or when you flush them.

If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see added to the game once single player mode is available, comment on this blog and we will see if many of us have the same ideas.

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