(Opinion) Should Gun Media Do More Damage Control?

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Hello everyone and well here we are, 3 weeks after game launch and the game is still broken, glitched, messed up and basically a train wreck of a release. The biggest issue people have with this game not working properly is that its not even a full game, its only half finished and its this messed up so instead of dealing with non stop hate and backlash from people who spent money on a game that doesn’t work I have a killer idea for you and I think it will help, Let’s talk “Damage Control”

You need to talk directly to the consumers, you have literally angered more people than you have made happy with this product you created. your Twitter page went from 30k followers to over 100k followers in a matter of 3-4 days just because of all the hatred people have towards this game right now.

June 17th Screenshot 2017-06-17 16-34-17

I noticed Big Boss Hobbs put a block on his twitter page so you have to now be approved for comments or else he won’t accept you on his feed anymore (not a smart move) this shows you are shutting people off and redirecting them to a Discord page or a new Facebook group is not the answer either.

If you don’t want attention, don’t put your name on a major title for game and then run away from people because you feel bothered on social media…..sorry but you all signed up for this when you took on the challenege to deliver a quality game for this big of a franchise. At least the shitty NES version worked!….crappy game, but it never crashed!

We live in a very transparent society and as of today 6/18/2017, we haven’t heard a peep out of Gun Media about updates, patches or anything for days so hopefully they take my idea to heart because their reputation as a game maker is not going well.

June 17th Screenshot 2017-06-17 22-30-23

HERE IS MY IDEA…..(Opinion)

You set up a “Live” stream on Twitch. All the main people who are from Gun Media who made this game should be in attendance. You sit down and you speak directly to the masses and you tell them exactly why things are so bad, forget about telling people “We are looking into that” People need to know more about how a game gets made and the hidden costs behind this and have a better understanding as to why this is even happening. If its a money issue then you need to say so.

For example, Hiring Thom Mathews to come in and do voice over work as Tommy Jarvis…..how much did that cost? How much money was paid out to SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to make that happen? Did Thom offer you guys a discount because voice over work (good stuff) costs a lot of money and most people have no idea even about those type of costs and how much it can set you back in terms of planned budget for a project.

How about server fee’s? I heard Wes on a podcast and he said he anticipated a $500k bill for the first 30 days that the server was active. Most people out there have no idea about money, business, or game creation. Instead of trying to avoid people by sending them to multiple sites to post their issues with the game, you need to address the fans and especially the backers for all the chaos that has happened….even if you are an introvert, NO Excuses!June 17th Screenshot 2017-06-17 22-30-09

If you haven’t noticed, everyone on the planet is now a master game maker, because we all know most people have no clue what they are talking about actually, it would really calm the storm a bit if you actually had some high end NERD TALK. Talk about coding the game, what was it like to work on the Unreal Engine and what can you do with it as a creator? What problems did you encounter with the Unreal Engine? People today are nosey as hell, the more details they have on things, the less they have to bitch and fight about (Thats where Gun Media comes in).

Doing a “Live” feed will benefit the team overall because I know for a fact that all of the Gun Media guys are die hard Friday The 13th fans, they just aren’t the best PR or sales people and being a hardcore fan of the franchise is why people backed you all in the first place. We had no prior knowledge as to who the hell you guys even were and now all of the sudden you get your hands on a game title that many of us have been dying to see for a very long time……no pressure right?

June 17th Screenshot 2017-06-17 22-29-44

No one wants to hear that you are small team, when you look at the end credits of the game I see a ton of Illfonic people in there who contributed to the making of this game so I hope to god they all got paid because you are making it sound like 4 guys in a small room all were crammed together with no help at all and thats not the case. No one cares about how many people worked on this game, its 3.4 gig in size, and for how tiny it is, it has more issues than a game 10x its size.

Resident Evil 7 just came out without a single issue, did that happen because of money? Does it take money to make things right? If so then why not open a 2nd kickstarter up and offer up new DLC for those people willing to back you guys? We have half a game with no story mode, people are craving more and we all know money makes things happen much smoother.

June 17th Screenshot 2017-06-17 22-28-07

The Sony release of the Tom Savini DLC was a mess, it really pissed off a lot of people and now that its never going to be released again, it has put a certain vibe out there to the consumer that “You Missed Out”, but then you release a broken game they can’t even play after 3 weeks of it being launched so just imagine the anger and frustration going on that is fueled by all of these setbacks.

You guys messed up royally when you played favorites when you pre-launched the game and you gave it to (Popular) streamers instead of hardcore fans which was a big mistake because you had streamers in channel on Twitch.TV saying your game was total shit and was only worth $20 on a good day. Your idea to piggy back off of people’s follower base backfired.

You should have really catered to the people who backed the game, you know (hardcore fans who actually gave you money) and you could have catered to horror genre people in general. Who knows, maybe an early release of YOUR GAME would help boost their channel and bring in more of the same type of people who enjoy suvival horror games vs just hoping and praying that the popular streamers will send you some of their minions. This move right here pissed off a lot of people.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 13-44-28

Your backers felt like you threw them under a bus just because they don’t have a massive following on Twitch or Youtube and because of that, you decided they were not good enough to get the game to early because they are not going to have a large enough audience to try and impulse into buying the game. People may not be very popular, but it doesn’t mean they are stupid!

Those people at least would praise the game vs bashing it like many of the popular streamers were. Nothing more sad than watching a so called big time streamer rip your game apart in front of 10k of their followers and you sit back thinking that (Yeah….were going to capture all their traffic and make some sales)…..good wrong answer! You segregated your fan base for popular people because you are desperate for sales and the masses are NOT stupid, the backers who didn’t get the game early are enraged because you chose to be someone who caters to fame vs someone who actually gave you hard earned money for a product that they thought would work on day one of its release.

Gun Media hasn’t posted any updates in days on any social media outlets so the longer people are left in the dark, the more your reputation as a game maker goes down in flames. The meme’s already being passed around the web dictate how the masses are feeling right now. When your reputation is solely based on a broken game that people can’t even play, it doesn’t give them confidence to spend money on your products anymore or in the near future. (something to really think about)

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 12-08-12

Go the extra mile on this Gun Media,  do a “Live” Twitch stream and talk directly to the fans who helped make this game possible, clear the air and make this right because the majority of the web chatter about this game is not good at all so you can either face the masses head on and put yourself on the map as a team that will go above and beyond to make things right, or you become a distant memory soon because you chose to rely on social media texts on Twitter to get you buy when your fan base is demanding more from you.

I know you probably are not business owners but when you put your company name on a game title this big, the demand from the public is going to be massive. This is either hit or miss, and right now its the bottom of the 9th and you guys have 2 strikes already against you. #1 server issues, #2 Game is not complete and its still broken after weeks of its release. You are either going to hit this out of the park and fix the issues right away and inform the masses about it in real time, or you will send out small tweets and expect people to just sit back and wait when all they ever see is “Were looking into that”.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 12-08-20

Instead of “looking into that”, tell the fans what “Looking into that” actually means. How many hoops do you have to jump through to get Microsoft or Sony’s attention so they fix and patch up the issues we have with this game? Most people don’t even know that you paid extra money to get your game expedited so that it could go through certification much faster……people need to know those things because it shows you busted your ass even more so than people can imagine, once again not all people hang out on social media, some of your most loyal fans and backers are not even Youtubers or Twitch streamers so keep that in mind. They don’t stay savvy and up to date like most gamers will,but they will buy your product out of sheer nostalgia and fan fare so by doing a “Live” panel could have a very positive impact on many of those people who can’t stay current all the time.

Is Sony and Microsoft dragging their feet? if so that would be helpful news to know because then it lessens the burden on your shoulders because as the center piece for this project , no one will blame Sony or Microsoft, they will only blame you so now its either fix the damage control or by the time summer ends, your game and its followers will have moved on to other things because keeping people’s attention these days takes work, and when you have a product that people can’t even engage with, it creates a community of people who will never look your way again which means lost revenue for future projects.

June Screenshot 2017-06-16 02-12-59

In the end, Gun Media should have set up an entire social media campaign around the making of this game, make it a spectacle. Show pics of developers sitting at their desk with 6 cans of red bull next to them, show blood shot eyes, show tired people pulling all nighters. Be transparent enough so that the consumer can see that there is no doubt that you did everything in your power to make this game amazing vs making it sound like you only had 4 people in a tiny room and only had one PC to work on.

If anything Gun Media, you guys need a good social media person who understands trending, economics, and human emotions because the lack of content you guys put out during the course of this game being made was awful. If you had no advertising budget then you could have at least been a content junkie during the process of this game being made.

If you catered to your backers instead of popular streamers, the launch of this would have gone much smoother because at least if the game messed up like it is now, the fans would at least know that you put them ahead of anyone else first because without their cash, this game wouldn’t exist at all. You can’t kickstart or fund a game with just being popular, it takes real world money and the people who gave you some of theirs feel betrayed.

You don’t have to listen to me or even take my advice, but as a Twitch streamer who looked forward to this game, it bothers me greatly that this game is dying already on Twitch and the longer it takes to fix the game, the more loyalty you will lose from the consumers.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 12-08-59

I look forward to you announcing a Twitch Stream so you can TALK to the people who are angry about whats going. We live in a very sensitive world now, you can either defuse the situation a little bit by speaking publicly to the masses or you can have masses of people out there who’s only intent is to bring the reputation of your gaming company down and we all know how persistent internet trolls can be. I think you guys bit off more than you expected and rushed putting this game out just to please fans vs waiting till you had more capital to invest into the project the right way so it could be finished in a much more precise manner without as many glitches and bugs.


I am a backer of this game (no I’m not in the end credits either and I’m not going to make a fuss about it) I also have the Tom Savini DLC and I enjoy that very much. I would not hate you guys at all if you bring that DLC back for the fans because I love this character (When I can play) and I know for the people out there who are (Life Busy) and not die hard gamers, they don’t spend all day keeping up with updated info about video games. This doesn’t mean they are any less of a fan of the game or franchise so I say (as an official backer who has the Tom Savini DLC)……Bring it back! This one small move on your part will make so many people happy and it will steer the ship right!….at least for now.

Good Luck Gun Media, I think your game got off to a wrong start and the only thing you can do now is damage control until the game works 100% without fail!, best of luck you guys!2

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