Friday The 13th “The Game” Still Has Big Problems.

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Friday The 13th “The Game” has been one of those game launches you wish you could take back. Ever since the launch of the game, there has been nothing but issues with it. Glitches, server issues and more are part of the reason this game is dying on Twitch TV right now for streamers. You can’t stream a game that you can’t depend on to play.

When you are a Host of a lobby, even a private one, the game will say that the host has left and your game is now over…….Umm, why? I am the host and I didn’t leave, I’m just sitting here waiting for people to join my lobby and then this happens.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 12-41-37
Today is 6/16/2017 and this is all I ever see now when I try to play this game.

Between getting kicked out of my own lobby and the glitches, this game has been nothing but a big problem since it came out. There are a few people out there in the world who are having no issues at all……good for them, but they are out numbered by the amount of people who can’t even play a single round of the game. Let’snot just rant about this, let’s actually show some proof of these claims.

You will see people posting on social media that they have private groups set up to make match making easier and that is also failing for most people. It’s very hard to convince people to come into your lobby or group to play matches when no one is showing up to those groups.

These 2 groups have over 40k players in them, look how low the number is for peoplein there right now as I write this blog today….barely over 100 people.

I know games can have issues at launch but this is a game that is a mere 3.4 gig in size, there isn’t much too it. You don’t interact with many things, there is no story mode and you only have a few tasks that you can even do. The game overvall gets boring after a few hours because you already know what to expect.

First off, if you spawn next to a car or the cabin that has the phone, then you need to just run away because most Jason players will go to those spots first and that could mean an instant death for you which also means you get to sit and watch everyone else play for about 20 minutes. The second thing to really look out for is what I call “Little Bitches“.

These are people who tell their buddies where you are on the map. It goes something like this….”Hey Jason if you can hear me, there is a camper hanging out in Higgins Haven in the bathroom upstairs”. Get use to this folks because it happening a lot online.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 11-45-01
This Jason had no clue where to find this last counselor until one of his buddies told him he was under the bed.

Whether you have had the chance to play this game or not its a fun game to play for a few days and then it does get very old. Hopefully single player comes out soon and produces a much better gaming experience because the online play so far has been a total disaster. Don’t take my word for it, let’s look at the actual numbers in real time on Twitch TV shall we?.

When this game released it had over 140k players watching it on Twitch, then it dropped to about 54k, then it dropped to 30k, now it sits well below 10k because of all the problems people are having.

I am a hardcore fan of the Friday The 13th movies and I really hoped for a much better game than what we have seen. The lack of levels and things to do make this game fall short. If you strip it down and look at it from a gamers stand point, there is not much to do to keep your interest unless you like dying over and over for hours with a bit of nostalgia tied to it but even then, thats gets old.

I can only hope that this game gets a ton of new DLC coming along with the release of the single player mode. I can see online play for this game dying very soon once single player comes out, no one will have to worry about getting kicked out of their own private matches even when they are the host or worry about cheater telling Jason where the other counselors are.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 12-08-12

Numbers never lie folks, this game could have been huge but it failed on many levels with its delivery to the market place. The issue isn’t just the fact that the game doesn’t work well for most people, its still only half a game so waiting on the single player mode isn’t something to really look forward to unless this stuff gets fixed first. Only having one option to play the game online is really not settling in too well with people.

If you have had issues with this game, we would like to hear from you because its happening to everyone. PS4 people, Xbox People all have issues with the game. The PC players seem to be doing better than the console players but hopefully soon this will all even out. Fan Boys need to calm down as well, Xbox and PS4 both have similar issues right now so neither console has tons of players because of that.

If you are one of the lucky people who has no issues at all, just stay away from forums online because people don’t want to hear that you have no issues, they want to hear from the game makers instead that things are being fixed.

June 16th Screenshot 2017-06-16 13-44-28

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