The 49ers Looking to win 4 Super Bowl Titles in a Row.

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When you talk about Dynasties in the NFL , you have to now include this current San Francisco 49ers team. Over the last 3 years under head coach Chip Kelly, the 49ers have won three straight Super Bowls and they appear to be loading up even more on both sides of the ball which leads us to the 49ers picks in this years draft.

Coach Chip Kelly has said that he has a good eye for talent so let’s dive into who he drafted this year….

The 49ers #1 pick in the draft this year which was the 10th pick overall went to MLB Trey Tulloch. He is a 6’0″ 251 beast of a Linebacker and Chip Kelly said that he will be one of the best to ever play at that position. Tulloch impressed Coach Kelly at the combine for sure and according to Coach Kelly, Tulloch is a guy you can start in the NFL on day one.

Season 4 Game #1 - Seahawks Screenshot 2017-06-03 21-22-02
Trey Tulloch Sacks QB Russell Wilson in His First NFL Start.

Draft Notes: Tulloch ran a 4.48 40 Yard Dash which was #1 for all MLB’s in the Combine. Tulloch was Projected as a late 1st rounder, The 49ers picked him up with the 10th overall pick. He is considered the best MLB in the draft even though the #1 pick taken by the Saints was a MLB. We will let the stats prove who is the best at that position.

The 49ers #2 pick in the draft went to the 12th overall pick CB Rashaun Jasper. Jasper is a 6’2″ 210 assassin from Colorado St. His tackling ability and closing speed have him as the #1 CB in this years draft. At the combine Jasper ran a 4.37 40 Yard Dash which was #1 for all CB’s in the Combine. He is Projected to be a mid 2nd rounder and the 49ers took him with the 12th overall pick. Some say this was a “Reach” but we will find out once season starts.

Season 4 Game #1 - Seahawks Screenshot 2017-06-03 21-14-13
Conway was too fast for Richard Sherman. Conway Had 3 TD’s in The Game.

The 49ers #3 overall pick came with the 25th Pick overall and that was stand out WR Lester Conway. Conway is a speedy 5’10” 184 WR who is a real deep threat. At the combine he ran a 4.33 40 Yard Dash which was #1 overall at the Combine (not just for WR’s) Projected to go mid 6th round, the 49ers took him with the 25th pick overall. Some would say this pick was a “Reach” by the 49ers but Chip Kelly has a history of proving doubters wrong.

Will these new additions be what the 49ers need to lock down a 4th straight Super Bowl Title? The regular season started off on Sunday with division rival Seattle Seahawks. The 49ers new look on defense was not only impressive, but it was way too much for Russell Wilson and company to handle.

Season 4 Game #1 - Seahawks Screenshot 2017-06-03 21-15-26
Rookie Sensation Trey Tulloch Adds Another QB Sack to His Total.

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