Friday The 13th “The Game” – How I Got 8 Kills in One Round.

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When you have a perfect round as Jason Voorhess in Friday The 13th “The Game”, you you kill all 7 counselors before any of them can escape or call Tommy Jarvis for help. To even take this perfect round scenario a step further you can achieve a perfect round of 8 kills and this can only be done if you kill someone and they come back as Tommy Jarvis.

In order for that to happen someone has to find the phone and call for him which now allows you an extra kill for that round if you can get it. Getting an 8 kill round is not always easy and it should be celerated when you do accomplish this. The video below is a recorded round of gameplay where I get 8 kills in a single round enjoy……



Friday The 13th “The Game” has some strategy involved with it for sure. If you plan to stay alive, you will need a bit of luck on your side and you will need a plan of attack. Some people go right for the phone as soon as they find the fuse but many other will go off searching for the Gas, Keys, and the Battery so that they can drive away to saftey.

Whatever you strategy is you cna be sure Jason will be there to try and ruin it. I have had both the Gas and the Keys on me at the same time and Jason came out of nowhere and killed me, of course this means my body now gives up the Keys and Gas, but when you get killed out in the middle of the woods……good luck finding those keys!

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