Friday The 13th “The Game” – Between Crashing and Glitches I Have Lost My Interest in This Game.

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For 4 straight months on Twitch.TV, I streamed BETA replay footage of the Friday The 13th Game. I did this to promote the game and hype it up because I am a big fan of the movies. After 4 months of promoting the game I was all set to start streaming this game and I looked forward to playing with followers of my Twitch Channel.

The game was released on March 26th and to this day (June 10th), I haven’t been able to play the game very much because it keeps crashing. (SEE VIDEO BELOW FOR PROOF)


The biggest issue I have with the game is that it feels very unfinished and because of that it is really buggy and it glitches way too much for being a game that is only 3 gig in size.

Friday The 13th should have been delayed till after summer.  Releasing this game in the shapethat its in was not a wise idea. That is how you establish the bar of excellence for your brand. If you are known for putting out incomplete games, no one is going to buy from you and no one will trust anything that you create. You only get one shot at making a first impression and so far, this game’s release has been nothing but frustrating.

When you try to drive the car and it flips on its side because its glitched.

The game itself is fun for about a day and then you get bored doing the same things over and over again. Without an indepth story mode, this game will be boring real quick because there is only so much you can actually do in the game. You can’t climb tree’s or even go up in the hay loft in the barn. All you can really do is interact with doors to open them, and items to pick them up, Even driving the car is terrible because the controls are not very good.

Game #11 Screenshot 2017-06-10 00-28-26
Trying to Play The Game, But Glitches Keep Happening (Floating Guy) and Then You Wonder Why The Game is Being Rated so Badly.

Unless you are a diehard fan of the movie franchise, this game will fall short of your expectations because of the lack of things to do. After 5-6 rounds of running around gathering items to fix the car and then dying, you get bored really fast watching other people waste time by just hiding out under a bed for several minutes.

As of today (June 10th 2017) my Twitch Channel has 179 people registered for our Friday The 13th Tournaments. At the end of October we planned on passing out trophies to the best Jason player and the best counselor player on our channel. If this game can’t become playable by the end of June, we will have to cancel the tournaments altogether mainly due to the backlash we are getting from followers who are complaining that they can’t even practice for the tournaments because the game is not playable.

Twitch Cover
We might not even host these tournaments if the game isn’t fixed soon.

The game overall is not complete, if anything this game should have been delayed till after summer because its launch has been a nightmare. Don’t take my blog as an end all be all for rating this game. Go see what the bigger gaming review companies have said about the game since its release.

Gamespot Rating 4.0/10.0 –

Polygon Rating 4.0/10.0 –

IGN Rating – 6.9/10.0 –

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