{WATCH THIS EXCLUSIVE} Tom Savini DLC VIDEO. (Pictures Included)

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The Rare Tom Savini Skin is starting to show up more and more in the online lobbies I have been playing in and I thought this would be a good chance to share with people my personal experience with this character in a short montage video of 3 quick kills I performed while playing as the Tom Savini Jason for the very first time.

                                 YOU CAN WATCH THE TOM SAVINI VIDEO BELOWwatchvideoblog

The first thing I noticed was how fast this Jason is on foot, he’s as fast as Jason from Part 2 for sure. The next thing I noticed was his orginal theme music. His new creepy music just adds to the excitement for when he comes by to try and kill you.

I play this game on the (PC) and on the (Xbox One). I like it on both platforms and I am working very hard to get savvy at this game on both vesions to prepare for our Twitch Channel’s Friday The 13th Tournaments. I will be playing with all the participants, but none of my scoring will count.

Game #4 Screenshot 2017-06-04 22-20-57
Tom Savini Jason Reaches For Another Knife.

Overall this character is amazing. I think a lot of people missed out on getting this great character but lucky for some people they have a chance to actually win a copy of that DLC from our channel. If you don’t have the Tom Savini DLC Skin for  the Xbox One, then you are in luck. If you register for a tournament bracket no our channel and you win your bracket, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a Tom Savini DLC.

The first time you get a chance to play as this character its a lot of fun. When I got a chance to play and the rest of the people in our group saw that it was the Tom Savini coming after them, they all got excited and then ran for their lives.

Game #4 Screenshot 2017-06-04 22-22-14
Vanessa Gets Bear Hugged to Death!

I have faced the Tom Savini only once in online play and I survived against him. I was caught by him early on in the round but I got away and was never seen again by him. If you like your Jason character to be a little more (Speedy) then I would recommend both the Jason from (Part #2) and the (Tom Savini Jason), if you can get your hands on one. Jason is not known for being a runner, but these two versions of him in the game are great for players who want to eventually run down wounded counselors.

Game #4 Screenshot 2017-06-04 22-22-42
Tom Savini {Exclusive DLC Content}

I think that because of how rare this character is, players online like to see him, even if it means they are going to get crushed by him. When I first saw the Tom Savini Jason, I was a counselor and I survived that round but only me and one other person lived. At the very start of the match, the Tom Savini Jason found me in a cabin and I had no choice but to jump out of a window and run for my life.

Game #4 Screenshot 2017-06-04 22-24-19
Tommy Jarvis Couldn’t Save The Day!

I was able to get away and for some reason that player who was the Tom Savini Jason, they never stayed after me. I got away too easily and I took full advantage of that. Sometimes when watching other people play after I have died, I noticed that sometimes the Jason player goes in the opposite direction of the counslor player and that alone can give you a lot more time to stay alive.

Game #4 Screenshot 2017-06-04 22-23-40
You Better Run For Your Life!

You can see more footage of the Tom Savini Jason on our “Live” Twitch Broadcasts and stay up to date with newly released videos by visiting the links below.

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