49ers Win Super Bowl (The Dynasty Begins).

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On Sunday night, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Cincinnatti Bengals in a lopsided Super Bowl 44-7. The 49ers were the heavy favorite and for good reason. The Bengal’s were only able to score once and it was not easy. For most of the game the Bengal’s offensive line protected QB Andy Dalton well, but it was the coverage in the secondary and the blitzing by the 49ers that kept them out of tempo.

AJ Green provided the only TD for the Bengal’s and it wasn’t enough to spark his team to attempt any sort of comeback, the 49ers were just the better team. Entering the Super Bowl as an 8-8 team, the Bengal’s were not expected to win, but they were expected to compete and they didn’t.

Super Bowl - 49ers (16-0) Vs Bengals (8-8) Screenshot 2017-06-02 17-10-50
AJ Green Provided The Only Points For The Bengals

The 49ers controlled the flow of the game from the opening kickoff and they never looked back. Chip Kelly and his team have now won 3 straight Super Bowls and that now puts them in the elite category of being called a “Dynasty”.

{Competition Sports} – Coach Kelly, you have now won 3 straight Super Bowls and are being considered the next great dynasty in the NFL, what do you think of that?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – We worked very hard to get to this point, we drafted smart, we were lucky that injuries didn’t effect us too much, and we have guys on this team who only care about one thing….Winning.

Super Bowl - 49ers (16-0) Vs Bengals (8-8) Screenshot 2017-06-02 17-05-13
Carlos Hyde Jukes a Defender For a TD.

{Competition Sports} – A lot of rumors floating around about who you might take in this years draft. Would you care to comment on any of those rumors?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – We are looking at a couple of guys who have talent in an area you can’t coach…..“SPEED”. We are changing some things on offense for next year and on defense as well so we need new guys to come in with nothing but pure speed.

Super Bowl - 49ers (16-0) Vs Bengals (8-8) Screenshot 2017-06-02 17-04-07
The Bengals Had No Answer For The 49ers Offense.

{Competition Sports} – You have the #10 and #12 picks overall in this years draft, does any one prospect stand out in your mind?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – We have our eyes on a few players, we’ll wait and see how the draft plays out before we get too excited about landing a particular player because by the time a 10th or 12th picks comes around, a lot can change.

Super Bowl - 49ers (16-0) Vs Bengals (8-8) Screenshot 2017-06-02 17-08-20
49ers QB Michael Opolski Was The Game’s MVP.

{Competition Sports} – Is there any chance that you change your defense? It seems like what you are doing now works just fine?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – What we are doing now works because of the players we have now, as guys get older and move on, we have to replace that talent level and sometimes that means we have to change how we plan out our offense and defense based on the players we are getting and tie that into the guys who are already here. Each year we don’t draft rookies to sit, we play them all. This next year will be a solid year for rookies on our team.

Super Bowl - 49ers (16-0) Vs Bengals (8-8) Screenshot 2017-06-02 17-10-02
49ers Sack Andy Dalton For a Safety.

The 49ers are expected to go with a lot of defensive picks in this years draft. Head coach Chip Kelly stated that his focus for next year is defensive dominance which makes us wonder “What is he changing”?

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