Friday The 13th “The Game” (7 For 7 Kill Round).

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When you get a chance to go 7 for 7 in terms of (Kills) for a round of gameplay on Friday The 13th ‘The Game”, you feel pretty dominant. When you kill all 7 counselors it means you were able to find them all and kill them before they had a chance to call the police, fix the car, fix the boat, or call for Tommy Jarvis.

When Tommy Jarvis gets called you have a chance to go 8 for 8, but then again, the yhave to make that call first. When I started this round out, I thought I needed to use my traps well and I did. You will see one of the couselor’s get caught in one of my traps right at the bottom of the steps at Packanack Lodge.

This is Going to Hurt!

     You Can Watch Jason Go 7 For 7 By Clicking The Video Below.


I noticed that a lot of the counselors were staying close to Packanack Lodge which led me to believe that the car was there and they had parts for it already. Sure enough, I get to the car and they fixed it and tried to drive off with it……Not Happening!

I chased Vanessa down and threw knives at her as we got closer to Packanack Lodge. I also made sure to put a trap down by the stairs heading up to the lodge, my strategy paid off. As I chased Vanessa off the porch, she ran right into the trap I set and that gave me enough time to get to her so I could finish the job.

I Bet Someone Steps on This….
I Knew It!

Vanessa was already wounded from the knife that I threw into her back. She was able to run past me on the porch but my trap sealed her fate.

After Vanessa was dead, I had to find AJ and sometimes that is hard to do. AJ’s stealth ability is good and she can hide pretty well but in this case all I had to do was chase her down. She was right by the lodge and grabbing her wasn’t very difficult.

Jason Finds AJ.

Of all the times I have killed all 7 camp counselors, I would have to say that this time was a little different. This was the first time I felt like I knew the Packanack Lodge map well enough to navigate around without using my map too much.

When you get enough rounds of gameplay in, you will start to know the layout of the maps very well and that can help especially if you are a counselor and you actually can’t find the map during gameplay.

The Look on AJ’s Face Says it All.

In the end this was a good round. Killing all 7 counselors is always a solid round and I am glad I did it before they called Tommy Jarvis although I am pretty sure I could have found him in the amount of time we had left on this map.

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