The 49ers are NFC Champions.

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The 49ers showed us once again why they are the best team in the NFC each year. Heading into the NFC Championship Game, the 49ers had the leagues #1 Defense and in today’s game it showed.

The 49ers did everything in their power to make Aaron Rodgers suffer and he did. In the 1st quarter alone Rodgers had 3 turnovers on fumbles and that was what started to set the tone for this game early on.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-13-48
Aaron Rodgers had no answer for the 49ers Defense,

The Packers could do nothing on offense, it wasn’t even a close battle between two of the best teams in the NFC, this was an all out “BLOW OUT”. This was a statement game for head coach Chip Kelly who recently was told by the press that he has somehow let his defense slip a little bit this year based on the stats and I think after today’s performance, those people asking those questions will have nothing left  to say.

We went to the post game press conference and here is what we learned after today’s game fro mhead coach Chip Kelly…..

{Competition Sports} – Big win today coach, The defense not only got a shutout, but it held Greenbay to literally no offense at all, how did this happen?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – It’s called being prepared! We knew coming into this game that if Arron Rodgers is on his ass the whole time, then no one will be catching any passes so we attacked that offensive line with heavy pressure and it worked. They had 3 turnovers i nthe 1st quarter in a game that was raining, we knew right then and there we were going to win the game it was just a matter of by “How Much” at that point.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-20-22
The Greenbay Packers Did “NOTHING” on Offense in the 1st Half.

{Competition Sports} – Would you say that your defense is the best its ever been?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – No!, I wouldn’t say that. Our defense 2 years ago was the best ever and I don’t know if we will ever see a team like that again but we’ll see, this group is close but the stat sheets don’t show that as much as the squad from 2 years ago.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-23-26
The 49ers Defense Gets an INT.

{Competition Sports} – Will you be using Dak Prescott at all in the Super Bowl?

{Coach Chip Kelly} We are not sure yet, Michael Opolski is back to full strength after a broken collarbone and he was on fire in this game against Greenbay so we stay with him as our QB and if we need Dak for some plays we will add him in if need be.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-14-01
Aaron Rodgers had career “Lows” in the NCF Championship Game.

{Competition Sports} – The Super Bowl is you against The Cincinnatti Bengals, they are an (8-8) team and you are (16-0). How is this even going to be a close match up?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – It won’t be……Sorry to ruin everyone’s Super Bowl Sunday this year but we are going to literally dismantle this team in every facet of the game. I told my guys to unleash hell on Greenbay and you saw what they can do to an elite QB like Aaron Rodgers, what do you think they can do to an (8-8) who barely made the playoffs?

I’m not underestimating the Bengals, they do some good things on Offense but no one stops our Offense and our Defense right now is just plain scary so this years Super Bowl will be a total blowout and I’m sorry, but I came here to win and build a dynasty and part of that is making statements like the one we did today, we’ll do it again at the Super Bowl.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-15-23
The 49ers have injuries on Offense, but that didn’t slow them down at all. All the backups stepped up and played at an elite level.

{Competition Sports} – You have the #1 pick in the draft coming up this year after the season is over, have you targeted anyone and if so who?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – There is a lot of good guys in the draft this year, we have our eye on a few people but we are not saying who just yet because we haven’t decided on what we will do until after the Super Bowl and how everyone plays in that game.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-20-46
49ers QB Michael Opolski runs for a TD.

If the 49ers win the Super Bowl, it will be their 3rd in a row under coach Chip Kelly. He has done nothing but win since he has arrived at San Francisco and so far his “Dynatsy” talk is actually all coming true.

Year after year he gets the best performing rookies out fo the draft, this year he has traded and made some moves to end up with the #1 pick? who does that after winning a Super Bowl? Chip Kelly has proven that he is here to stay in the NFL as a heah coach and his system of developing players is being considered the greatest “System” to be a part of since The New England Patriots got their system developed by Bill Belichick.

NFC Championship Game 49ers (16-0) Vs Greenbay Packers (9-7) Screenshot 2017-05-31 00-19-44
The 49ers are the NFL’s newest Dynasty!

The 49ers are the heavy favorite heading into the Super Bowl against the Bengals. They are a 3 TD favorite to win the game and even I think that is a low number. The 49ers Dynasty is real. Head coach Chip Kelly has developed an atmosphere that does only one thing……Win Championships!

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