3 Things To Look For While Playing Friday The 13th “The Game”.

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When it comes to playing Friday The 13th you don’t know what to expect. You can be playing the game and all of the sudden Jason shows up out of nowhere and you are now running for your life. If you get away and lose him, how long will it be before he tracks you down again?

That is part of the fun when you play this game. You have no idea if Jason is coming after you or if he is off in the distance spying on you waiting for the right time to come and grab you. The “Stalker” ability has really added a new twist to the gameplay.

The following 3 things I am about to show you are experiences I had in the game so far and you can see for yourself with pictures just how some of this all looked.

Experience #1The Stalker Ability Reigns Supreme!…..I had a round where I was on the Packanack Lodge Map and I heard no Jason music at all which means he is nowhere around me so I started checking drawers and then all of the sudeen I heard footsteps on hardwood floors, I turned around really fast and sure enough, Jason was creeping up behind me. I took off running but ended up dead anyway. If you get good at using the “Stalker” ability, its a game changer for sure.

done with you
After Jason Sneaks Up On You And Kills You, He Just Pushes You Aside!

Experience #2The Car is Really Broken This Time!. I’m not sure I will ever see this again but in one round of gameplay I saw the car being driven by a counselor and they tried to steer to quickly and they ended up flipping the car over on its side. This looked like a glitch in the game and I think it was because I haven’t seen it done since.

The Car is Not in Service!
Kind of Hard to Put Gas in The Car Now!
Well Shit!

The car was no longer a viable way for us to leave the map so when you see this happen the only thing you can do is RUN!

Experience #3Jason’s Traps are Lethal – If you haven’t experienced the power of Jason’s traps yet oh boy….let me tell you this. All it takes is for two of them to kill you. The picture you see here is of me trying to run past the car. As I was running I stepped on one of Jason’s traps…….no biggy, so I just released myself from the trap and started to run again.

That first trap wounded me and I was injured but I had to keep running so as I turn the corner to run past the side of the car where the gas goes in, I stepped on a 2nd trap and I died. I walked over 2 traps back to back and it killed me.

This was the 2nd trap I stepped on that eventually killed me.

Friday The 13th is a fun game to play. We love it so much that we are hosting Tournaments for it on our twitch channel all summer long. You can learn more about these tournaments by clicking on the links below. We will be updating followers of our Twitch Channel this Saturday (June 3rd 2017) on all the changes we are making to the tournaments and their starting times.

Server issues have delayed us launching any brackets at this time so we will be addressing that concern and a lot more on Saturday’s stream.

Twitch Cover
Register Today For Our Friday The 13th Tournaments. 

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.


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