Friday The 13th “The Game” (Vanessa & AJ Team Up to Fix The Car in 6 Minutes)

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Friday The 13th “The Game” has had some server issues as of late, but worry not, we here at Competition Sports have plenty of footage and photo’s to share with you. The video in this blog is of Vanessa & AJ leaving the map really fast. The two ladies teamed up to fix the yellow car in just 6 Minutes fand leave the Crystal Lake Map. They did it so fast that more than half the time was left in the round.


If you haven’t had a chance to play this game yet then let me fill you in on some details that may help you. You will want to get good at knowing what the controls are. This helps you move faster and be more efficient when it comes to completing tasks.

You will also want to study each map and its layout. knowing each map area will help you when you can’t actually find the map for that level so it will save you valuable time. Keep in mind that if Jason is right by you and his music is playing loud and then all of the sudden it stops,…….He’s not gone. Chances are Jason has switched into “Stalker Mode” which when activaated can really cause havoc on players.

in “Stalker Mode”, Jason Can Sneak Up On You!

If for some reason Jason does this to you, “Sit Tight” don’t move until a few seconds have gone by. If you hear footsteps in any direction but you don’t hear Jason’s music……then just RUN! There are a few “Tricks of the Trade” to be aware of while playing this game and the use of the “Stalker” ability is one of the things to really pay attention to.

Learning how to move quickly will save you in this game. One of the things I do if my life is in danger is I jump through windows when they are open. You can jump through broken windows no problem but each time you do your character will take more and more damage which slows you down.

Only Jump Through Windows if Your Life Depends on it!

One of the things a lot of new players will try and do is “HIDE” this is not a bad strategy, just make sure you are well hidden because places like “Outhouses” are not very good spots. Higgins Haven has some of those nearby and I suggest that you don’t hide in them unless you are really desperate because sometimes Jason can actually run right by you and then take off to another part of the map.

This strategy is very much Risk/Reward, and there are a lot of places to hide but try and think about better spots if you can.

The “Outhouses” in the background are not a great place to hide.

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.


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