Come Join Our Private Friday The 13th “The Game” Lobby.

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“Friday The 13th The Game” is now offically here. Hardcore fans of the movie franchise will love this game for sure. As a BETA tester for this game, I loved it from the start and now that it is finished and ready for release, I am excited to see how it looks and how it feels compared to how the BETA was.

The game overall looks incredible, the graphics look amazing, the music and sound is perfect and all the new additions such as “Traps” and “Throwing Knives” make Jason even more lethal than he was in  the BETA. After playing this game for a week as a BETA tester my best advice to new players would be to take your time getting use to how each Jason character plays and how all of the different counselor players can be used as well.

YOU WILL DIE A LOT IN THIS GAME! Get use to dying folks, its actually part of the fun. With a massive amount of different kill animations, Friday The 13th will offer up multiple ways for your character to die. In the BETA, I was thrown out of a window onto the front porch at Higgin’s Haven and I died. The next time I died was because Jason stabbed me through a closet door with his pick axe all because I thought hiding in there was a good idea (It wasn’t).

Closet Hide
Jason found out I was in the closet!

Our Twitch channel Competition Sports will be hosting a private lobby for this game. We are doing this because we would like to play with not only followers of our channel, but we would like to play with hardcore fans of the movie franchise as well.

We will be playing the game on STEAM and on Xbox One for a while and we coule end up playing on PS4 as well depending on how much time we have. Our Twitch channel is hosting Friday The 13th tournaments for this game. Details on how to register are up on our website. Tournaments will run all summer long and your only goal as a participant should be to make it into the TOP 10 rankings.could be you

If you make it into the Top 10 rankings by September when we stop taking in registrations, you will automatically qualify for the Championship Bracket to determine who is the best Jason player and who is the best counselor player on our channel.

We are having the followers of our channel vote for which trophy design they would like to see represent this tournament. In September before the finals start, we will announce the winning design and Both the Jason and the Counselor winners will each receive their own personalized trophy.

Vote for your favorite design on our website

If you are a Twitch Broadcaster and you happen to win our tournament, then you will be rewarded not only with you trophy, but also a dedicated webpage on our website that promotes you and your channel because you will be entered into our channels “Hall of Fame” section. On that page will be a brief Bio about you and your channel and it will also have pictures and video content showing viewers just how you won the tournament.

We will be on Twitch every night, if you would like to stop by and play in a private lobby for Friday The 13th The Game on the Xbox One gaming console, we would be happy to have in channel and we will look forward to streaming this game with all the fans of the franchise. Visit us on Twitch Here:

Jason lends a helping hand to a camp counselor.

***If you register to play in a tournament bracket and you win your bracket, you will be enetered into a “Live” drawing that will be held on our channel and the winner of the drawing will win a Tom Savini Jason Character. We will send you the download code and you will have that rare character for the game.

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.


*Twitch TV

*Facebook Group –



*Youtube Channel



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