Dak Prescott Struggled in a 37-0 Victory Against Former Team. (Will Start Next Week).

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The 49ers defeated the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday by a score of 37-0. With that win, the 49ers improve to 9-0 on the season. Don’t be fooled by the score. The offense was only able to put points on the board because of turnovers and pressure created by their defense. The offense struggled and Dak Prescott showed that is had some issues when it came down to facing his former team.

The 49ers after the game did receive some good news though. Starting QB Michael Opolski has been cleared by the medical staff to play this week against the Chicago Bears., but he has already said that he will not be playing next week against Chicago so it will be Dak Prescott once again starting for the 49ers.

We talked to coach Chip Kelly after the game and asked him the following questions….

{Competition Sports}Coach, you scored the least amount of points in a game since you have been the head coach of the 49ers…..what happened today?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – Today Dak Prescott had butterflies. He was playing against his old team who he was just with two weeks ago and his performance today was not good but, it was good enough to seal us a victory and our defense played well enough to keep the Cowboys off the score board.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Dallas Cowboys) Game #9 Screenshot 2017-05-16 00-43-46
Carlos Hyde busts through the Dallas Defense for a TD.

{Competition Sports}You traded a Pro Bowl TE Blake Bell to get Dak Prescott and he only had 2 catches this game and very few yards. Was it your plan to shut him down?

{Coach Chip Kelly}We knew going into this game how good he is. Our defense took every route away from him and he only had 2 catches the entire game which shows you how tough our defense really is.

{Competition Sports} – Will Michael Opolski be playing at all this week now that he has been cleared?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – I talked to Michael and we are not going to play him this week against Chicago. His collarbone is still sore and he wants to be 100% before he suits up again. We might even rest him till playoffs. He’s not happy about missing time, but he wants to make sure he is 100% overall.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Dallas Cowboys) Game #9 Screenshot 2017-05-16 00-46-44
Dak Prescott will start next week against Chicago. Starting QB Michael Opolski remains on the injured list with a broken collarbone.

{Competition Sports} Your team is currently 9-0 and if you rest Michael Opolski then do you think today’s performance is going to help Dak or hurt him going forwward?

{Coach Chip Kelly} – Dak played lights out last week, this week he struggled a lot but it was also against his old team. I think he will rebound nicely this week against Chicago because playing your old team can be a bit of a distraction for a young QB. I’ll think Dak will be fine is we choose to start him the rest of the regular season.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Dallas Cowboys) Game #9 Screenshot 2017-05-16 01-01-27
The 49ers were called for “Running Into The Kicker”. This didn’t help the Cowboys, they still lost 37-0.

{Competition Sports} – Coach, your defense set league records last year for yards against and points scored. This year you are giving up a little more in yards but you are not allowing teams to score.

The 49ers have 8 Shutouts this year in 9 games and your only points against you so far is a single field goal by the Arizona Cardinals when Colin Kaepernick threw and interception to set that up for them. What can you say is making the difference this year on defense?

{Coach Chip Kelly} This year we switched to a 3-4 Defense. We have really fast and hard hitting linebackers. We have a Defensive front that is elite, and our guys in the secondary and about as nasty as they come. If you pass against us, you risk getting rocked by one of these guys. If you run the ball against us, you risk fumbling the ball so no matter what area you plan to attack us with, we are ready and waiting for you.

{Competition Sports} You seem to find the right talent in the draft…..How is that you can see what others do not?

Chip Kelly reminds the media how he drafts talent.

{Coach Chip Kelly} – We look at a players strengths vs what we feel we can turn them into or help them develop in a few years. We want “Right Now” ready talent and we will not be bias in terms of where that talent comes from. If we find a guy who is rated like a 5th rounder and we feel we need him in the 2nd or 3rd round, we’ll do it. So far all of our “Reaches” in the draft have turned out to be Pro Bowlers in their rookie years. Look at Shayne Skov, he broke the single season sack record his first year in the league.

Look at Rookie ILB Devron Riddle, he’s in the top 5 right now as a rookie for most QB sacks this season so when it comes to talent, we know how to dig deep and find exactly what we are looking for because talent alone is not enough, we want guys who are hungry for titles.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Dallas Cowboys) Game #9 Screenshot 2017-05-16 00-59-07
The 49ers Defense knocked Tony Romo around the entire game.

{Competition Sports}  We can’t let you go until we get your thoughts on that insane catch that Jazzario Bromell had today.

{Coach Chip Kelly}   That catch was just nuts!…..I mean, he was so high off the ground and it felt like slow motion when he went up to go and grab it…..I have no words for that catch, let the reply do the talking. It was one of the most spectacular catches I’ve seen in quite some time that’s for sure.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Dallas Cowboys) Game #9 Screenshot 2017-05-16 00-55-47
Jazzario Bromell makes a “Highlight Reel” catch against the Dallas Secondary.

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