Dak Prescott “Shines” in his first game as a 49er.

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The 49ers started their first game this season without starting QB Michael Opolski and without backup Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers traded a Pro Bowl TE to get Dak Prescott and it looks like that trade is paying off big for the 49ers.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Greenbay Packers) Screenshot 2017-05-14 14-38-34
Dak Prescott Scores on a QB Option Play.

Dak Prescott rushed for 127 yards and 3 TD’s in the game against Greenbay, he also threw for 254 yards and 3 TD’s. Overall he was a Fantasy Football players dream this week. Chip Kelly had this to say about his new QB’s performance.

{Coach Chip Kelly}Today we saw what Dak could really do. We added in some QB Option plays and those seemed to work really well for us with Dak. Michael Opolski is still our starting QB but we will continue to use Dak in his place until we feel Michael is ready to return from a broken collar bone.

Our defense once again set the tone but Dak showed us that we can rely on him for points. I also have to throw in the fact that our first round draft pick Devron Riddle who people keep  saying we “Reached” is one of the NFL’s top sack leaders right now along side NFL Sack record holder and team mate Shayne Skov. Skov has 5 sacks on the year, Devron Riddle has 6. Both guys are scary on defense and so far our choice to select Devron Riddle hasn’t turned into a “Reach” at all, in fact, he is exactly what we thought he is……gifted & talented!

Madden 17 Season 3 (Greenbay Packers) Screenshot 2017-05-14 14-41-47
Devron Riddle & Shayne Skov Sack QB Aaron Rodger’s for a Safety.

{Competition Sports} –  Coach, you enter this week heading into the BYE week for your team. You are 7-0 on the season and does Dak’s performance change how you look at running this team moving forward?

{Coach Chip Kelly} Not at all, Dak did his job and got us points, but Michael Opolski is something special. He broke all the rookie records a year ago, has has the record for most TD’s in a season and most yards and he did that as a rookie so we feel very confident with Michael as our QB but with a broken collarbone, he won’t be 100% for a little while so most likely we will see him again late in the season or right as Playoffs start.

{Competition Sports} – Coach, you recently switched to a 3-4 Defense, any reason for the switch or are you just testing this out?

{Coach Chip Kelly}We have the best defense in the league, but we also have the best Linebackers in the league so switching to a 3-4 makes sense. We have guys who can not only rush the passer, but who can also cover guys man to man in coverage so we have a really good chance of giving any team’s offense a real problem. Were tough to score on!

The 49ers look like the team to beat once again this year as they lead the league in both scoring and in defense so the question is, Will they even need QB Michael Opolski this year to solidify another Super Bowl Title?

Madden 17 Season 3 (Greenbay Packers) Screenshot 2017-05-14 14-26-52
Aaron Rodgers couldn’t get anything going against the #1 Ranked 49ers Defense.

***You can watch Dak Prescott’s debut Game with the 49ers Herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ_FvOvTMMg

Madden 17 Season 3 (Greenbay Packers) Screenshot 2017-05-14 14-39-08
Dak Prescott running the QB Option to perfection.

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