The 49ers Have Traded For The #1 Pick and For Dak Prescott.

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Just when you thought nothing bad could happen to the San Francisco 49ers, Chaos happens. First off, their starting QB and league MVP Michael Opolski is now out with a broken collar bone for the next 5 weeks and his replacement Colin Kaepernick has just lost his back up job…….to Dak Prescott. That’s right folks you heard it here first, did the 49ers just pull off the deal of the century?

The 49ers have the #1 draft pick in next years draft, they traded a WR to their team for the #1 pick……it makes sense. The WR they Patriots are getting is the #2 ranked WR in all the league. The Patriots are in dire need of a WR and they just got one of the best. The 49ers in exchange get the #1 draft pick and rumors are, they are looking at the #1 overall pick who happens to be an inside linebacker which tells us that head coach Chip Kelly is up to something.

Getting the #1 draft pick is some good news for sure especially now that the 49ers will be without their starting QB for the nest few weeks…..but things just got a whole lot better for them.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Arizona Cardinals) Screenshot 2017-05-13 23-42-43
Devron Riddle celebrates his first career “Pick 6”

This week, the 49ers gave up their first points of the season on defense because of a turn over caused by backup QB Colin Kaepernick. He threw an interception which put the Arizona Cardinals in field goal range and they ended up giving up 3 Pts because of it. Coach Chip Kelly had this to say about Keapernick’s performance.

{Coach Kelly}Losing Michael Opolski is a massive blow to our team. We need a strong and quick thinking QB to run our offense. Colin came in and basically failed at every facet of the game. He didn’t control the tempo of the game and he didn’t get the passing game going like we wanted to see so today’s victory is the result of our defense stepping up and our special teams plays as well. Colin showed he is not fit to be playing QB for us so we traded All Pro TE Blake Bell to the Dallas Cowboys in exchange for Dak Prescott.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Arizona Cardinals) Screenshot 2017-05-13 23-23-04
TE Blake Bell will be joining the Dallas Cowboys.

Blake will fit in well with the Cowboys and their system and we wish him well but to address the QB issue here is what we did. We are brining in Dak to be Michael’s backup when he is healthy enough to return. Dak has agreed to this because he wants to be a part of this team. Dak will run a different offense than Michael will which gives us a huge advantage because we can play both guys and have multiple looks on offense. It will be impossible to prepare for us now.

Colin Kaepernick will be sitting on the bench the rest of the season and we plan to get rid of him in the off season so if anybody wants him, he’ll be available after this season. We want champions on this team and he just cost our defense points because of his lack of preperation. Dak will come in and make an instant impact and we expect great things from him.

{Competition Sports} – Coach, can you address the media about your pick in last years draft LOLB Devron Riddle?

{Coach Kelly} – Yes I can!……as of right now he is in the top 5 in the league for QB sacks and he is on pace to be one of the most dominant rookies to ever play that position. Devron was ranked #220 Overall in last years draft, we took him at #128 and people thought we were nuts and now look at him…..he’s one of the best pass rushers in the game and its his rookie year.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Arizona Cardinals) Screenshot 2017-05-13 23-43-49
Devron Riddle is on his way to becoming a defensive star.

We don’t “REACH” for our players, we dissect talent and then begin our process of how we evaluate elite talent for our team. Dak Prescott is a prime example of that. He has all the right tools to be a mega star in this league and that is why we traded one of our best TE’s for him.

The San Francisco 49ers now have an elite backup as their QB and they also have the #1 draft pick in this upcoming draft after the season. Chip Kelly has really done an amazing job of putting together a championship dynasty with the 49ers. QB Michael Opolski will be missed I’m sure, but Dak Prescott will bring some new life to this team for sure.

Madden 17 Season 3 (Arizona Cardinals) Screenshot 2017-05-13 23-46-59
The Defense controlled the tempo of this game.

What does the future hold for Colin Kaepernick?….no one really knows. The (7-0) 49ers play @ Greenbay next week against a struggling (3-3) Packers team. The 49ers are the heavy favorites in that match up but will Dak Prescott live up to the hype?

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