Madden 17: Game #1 (49ers Vs Seahawks)

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Entering their 3rd season together, Head coach Chip Kelly and QB Michael Opolski seem to have found magic when it comes to drafting players each year. Last year Coach Kelly received praise around the league for trading picks for future draft picks later on, that gamble has more than paid off.

Coach Kelly was told that he “Reached” on many of his picks but yet all of his picks have not only become starters, but Pro Bowlers as well. This year’s draft was no different. Owners around the league are wondering why coach Kelly made the picks that he did but yet once again he proved them all why he is the master of draft picks.

Take for example incoming Line Backer Devron Riddle. This guy was ranked #220 overall in this draft and the 49ers took him at pick #128. Will that gamble pay off?, we shall see in the upcoming weeks.

Devron Riddle
This draft pick was not a “REACH”. This guy will be a star in the league!

The 49ers are now facing much tougher competition due to the fact that the most recent draft classes have been enriched with deep amounts of talent. The 49ers still possess the league’s best defense, but they will have some work to do if they plan on leading the league in offense this season.

After back to back Super Bowl titles, the 49ers are the team to beat. They not only possess the leagues most scary defense, but they have multiple ways to beat you on offense as well.

Season 3 - Game #1 Seahawks Screenshot 2017-05-08 03-32-56
Carlos Hyde Rushes For Another 49ers Touchdown.

The first regular season game was just played this week and the 49ers took on division rival Seattle Seahawks in a home game and it was nice to see brand new players starting for the 49ers this year on defense. Coach Kelly believes in starting his rookies to get them use to the speed of the game right away. Coach Kelly said this in a statement after the game….

{Coach Kelly}In this league you have to learn to adapt. Adapt to the speeed of the game and adapt to how fast adjustments have to be made pre snap on offense. It’s as much a mental game as it is physical so when we go into a draft, we are looking for guys who fit our mold of players. We aren’t always looking at the #1 guy, or the top prospect when it comes to drafts. We look at a lot of things and character and development potential is a very big part of that. We look for things that most coaches and owners do not and this is why we dominate the league right now.

Season 3 - Game #1 Seahawks Screenshot 2017-05-08 03-34-54
The 49er’s Deandre Smelter is the leagues #1 WR.

Coach Kelly has shown that he is indeed a draft expert in the 3 years he has been with the 49ers. They have gone undefeated, won a couple of super bowls and now have the reputation as the leagues toughest defense. Not too bad for a coach who came into the league with some crazy ideas on how things should operate in today’s game, so far he has been on point.

Season 3 - Game #1 Seahawks Screenshot 2017-05-08 03-29-18
Russell Wilson struggled the entire game. The 49ers pressure up front was just too much.

With a dominating defense and a Hall of Fame caliber QB, Coach Kelly is looking to re-write the record books with his accomplishments in the NFL and by the looks of things……he is just getting started.

The 49ers take on the Carolina Panthers in week #2. If the 49ers plan to continue dominating on defense, they will have their first real test next week as Cam Newton and the Panthers have added new players to their offense and are ready to take on the 49ers elite.

We are only one game into the regular season and already the trash talking by teams has begun. Being a defending Super Bowl Champion means that you have a target on your back and the 49ers have no problem having a bullseye pinned to their jerseys.

Season 3 - Game #1 Seahawks Screenshot 2017-05-08 03-19-56
NFL Single Season Sack Record Holder Shayne Skov is a Big Reason Why The 49ers Are so Good.

Rumors have been surfacing that inside the 49ers camp, players are putting together a (Hit List). This list will be compiled of all the players who get hurt this season by the 49ers defense. Commishioner Roger Goodell spoke with Coach Kelly about this and Coach Kelly said the following about that meeting…..

{Coach Kelly}I had a great talk with Roger, I told him flat out that if anyone tries to intimidate us, we will put you on your ass. I’m not telling players to go out and hurt people but I am also not telling them to “NOT HIT PEOPLE”. This is a contact sports folks, guys get hit, sometimes they get hit really hard and that leads to injuries. I can’t help it if my guys hit hard and run fast… with it.

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