Friday The 13th The Game: Offical Release Date Announced.

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On May 26th 2017, Friday The 13th The Game will release. It has been a long time in the making for this title to finally be made the right way. If you were one of those people (much like me) who bought the original game on the NES, you know how bad that game was and how much the fan based has been waiting for a newer version to come out.

yup thats me
This is me about to Die!

The wait is finally over! After years and years of wondering, the game is now a reality. If you did not get a chance to play the BETA don’t worry, the game itself has improved so much since then that even if you did play as a BETA tester, you will see and feel how much different the game now plays.

A lot of the changes that were added to the game will only enhance the playing experience overall. Jason is more powerful than ever which adds to the challenge of staying alive for a full 20 minutes.

After we BETA tested the game for a week, we started to work on building up tournaments for this game on our Twitch Channel. So far we have 161 people registered and we will continue tournament play all the way through till the end of September.

yup thats me too
Getting tossed out a window!

At the end of September, we will crown the best Jason players and the best Counselor player on our channel.  If you have questions about the game or tournament play, feel free to visit us nightly on Twitch TV as we not only replay BETA footage for you, but we also talk about game strategy and more.

Visit our Stream Here:

Enjoy this video footage of me and a few of my pals getting crushed by Jason!


You can find out Stream here:

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.

*Facebook Group –


*Twitch TV



*Youtube Channel



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