Friday The 13th The Game: Jason Can Now Break Fences.

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One of the things that kept me alive at Higgins Haven was my ability to run circles around Jason. If you can lead Jason out towards the road and get him near a guard rail or a fence, you could basically keep him away from you and pretty much run the clock out if you really wanted to.

As a BETA tester me and the people I was playing with came up with this great idea that we would try to find an angle in some way to just stay alive and we did. Running around in circles was simply the best thing going for a counselor on the run.

breaking fences
Jason Looks Pissed Because He Can’t Run Around And Catch You Near a Fence.

Beta testing this game was great, finding out we could make Jason chase us around was very rewarding and it took the fear away instantly……..That was back in December, since then things have changed.

As of today 4/15/2017 we found out that we can look forward to Jason having the upper hand now when it comes to the running around in circles game. Jason can now break through the wooden fences as long as they are below shoulder height. If the fence is about waist high, Jason can bust through those now.

breaking fence
As You Can See, Jason Doesn’t Care About Your Stupid Fence.

This new change has completely swung the momentum over to Jason’s side. If timed correctly, a Jason player could bust through the fence, take a swing at your with a machete, or an axe and Poof… are lying on the ground dead and Jason is moving on to go find your friends.

This change can really alter how you plan to stay alive now in this game. I will admit, this running around the fences move was something I used a few times and it did piss off a lot of Jason players and I can’t say I  don’t blame them, because I had it happen to me many times… sucked!

If you plan to play this game on the Xbox One console when the game is finally released, our Twitch Channel will be looking for players to come in and play for many hours. If you are interested in being one of those people who will be a part of our stream, contact us either in the comments section on this blog, or come see us online on our website. We look forward to meeting more Friday The 13th fans.

You can find out Stream here:

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