Friday The 13th The Game: Tom Savini Jason & Strategy For Traps.

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For those of you who are fans of the Friday The 13th game that will be coming out this year, you might want to pay close attention to some things that have been added to the game since the BETA release last December.

Let’s first start off with the newest character that will be added to the game. The Limited Edition Tom Savini Jason was available for pre-order and players will get a chance to see this new character first hand once the game offically comes out.Tom Savini Jason

We don’t know much about this Jason character except that he looks awsome and we can expect him to bring nothing but terror to the camp couselors. This limited edition character will ne a nice addition to the already powerful roster of Jason Voorhee’s characters.

Is the Tom Savini Jason Under That Cloth at the end of the row?

One of the other new additions for this game is Jason’s ability to use “TRAPS”. This could make things very interesting. Traps are going to be something counselors need to look out for because?…….Jason can hide them well (See pic)

If you see a pile of leaves like this, walk around it!

Jason can only place these traps on the ground, he can’t take them inside the cabins but what this does mean is the following for those of you who plan on using them. If you place traps in front of the car, counselors will have to undo the trap just to be able to put the car battery in so this means it will take you more time now to get things done if Jason puts traps in places he knows you want to go.

Same thing applies to the Power Boxes that supply electricity to the cabins. If Jason breaks those and kills the power, he can set traps next to the power boxes and because its dark, you won’t see them all to well and that is something to think about and look out for.

Pocket Knives
You will need a pocket knife to disable Jason’s traps.

One more thing to stop and think about is the fact that Jason knows people will try to fix the cars and fix the phone. Because Jason can’t place traps inside cabins here is a strategy you might want to try. As Jason, chase people into the cabins or, if they are already in there start setting traps on the ground outside of all the windows, that way if a counselor tries to out run you and jump out one of the windows, they will land right on one of the traps.

From what we have seen so far, each Jason character has its own set of weapons but they all can carry traps. Counselors can diable the traps but it has to be done a certain way. First you must be in the “Crawl” position when you approach it, then you must use a pocket knife to diable it but, there is a chance that your pocket knife can break while trying to do this which means you either go find another pocket knife, or you let someone else try to disable it for you.friday-the-13th-map

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