Friday The 13th The Game: All 10 Counselors & Their Stats.

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Here is the entire roster of counselor players for the upcoming Friday The 13th game.A.J

A.J is a great counselor to choose if you like to run and hide during gameplay. Her stealth is really good.


Adam will be available once the final version of the game is released. We did not get a chance to test him during the BETA.


Brandon is another character like Adam, we didn’t get a chance to test him out either.


Chad is the one character I died the most with. He’s not a bad character to use, I just sucked at the early rounds of testing and I was using him at that time.


Deborah is really good at fixing things. If you have to repair power supply boxes or fix that car she is really fast. The phone to call the police now has a fuse you need to find and add to it before you can call the police. She would be a good person to use for those tasks.


Eric is one of the newer characters we have been exposed to lately. We did not get a chance to see him in the BETA but we think he will be a fan favorite.


Jenny is a good character but she doesn’t break away from Jason really well unless she has a pocket knife. She’s a bit weak but her overall abilities are not bad.


Kenny is the most well rounded character you can start the game off with…..You’ll still die though!


This is the girl who dies 1000 times in the game opening scene. Tiffany was unlockable at level 18 during the BETA. I used her 5 times during BETA testing and I died all 5 times.


This was my favorite counselor to use. If you get some decent perks added to Vanessa, she can run a very long time without draining her stamina too much. She saved me a bunch of times because of her raw speed.

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