Friday The 13th The Game: Enter Our Twitch Tournaments Today.

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Hello  Friday The 13th fans and welcome to our blog. Today we are going to inform you on how our tournaments will operate on our Twitch.TV Channel “Competition Sports”

As of (4/16/2017), we are still waiting on the game to have an offical release date but I wanted to have people prepared for what we are about to do. We are hosting a tourament that will last all summer long and end in August. We currently have the following numbers for people registered.

PS4 Players – 11 registered

Xbox One Players – 112 registered

PC/STEAM Players – 27 registered

  • We will build brackets only if we have enough people to run more than just one bracket. We need 100 people on each platform in order for us to create a Trophy for that Platform’s winner. 

This is how the tournament is broken down. You pay $5 to enter a bracket and you either play as a Jason Voorhees player or you can play as a Camp Counselor. You can enter as many brackets as you want and here is why that matters. As you play your bracket, you will be paired up against other players and you will have to score points to advance in each round of game play. Let’s look at what it could be like if you enter as a Jason player.concept

After 3 rounds of gameplay, The winner of the bracket will be whoever had the most kills overall and then your total kills number will go up on our website for all to see. There will be a top 10 ranking for both Jason and Counselor players. So let’s paint a picture so people can better understand.

top 10 soon
Scoring Will Be Updated Every Day.

You enter one bracket, you pay the $5 fee and you play as Jason. You will your bracket with a total of 17 kills. That total along with your name goes on the top 10 list and it stays there until someone ends up with more kills than you and here is how that can happen.

Jason K from Detroit Michigan enters a bracket, pays his $5 fee and then wins his bracket BUT, he won his bracket with only having 12 total kills…..not as good as YOU but he still makes it into the Top 10. Jason K then decides to enter 2 more brackets as a Jason player. He pays his $10 fee and goes to work33

In the first bracket he fails big time and has 4 kills in the first round and his first round opponent had 7 so Jason K doesn’t advance any further o nthat bracket so his score will be only 4 kills for that bracket.

Jason K now can add those 4 kills to his grand total which now gives him 16 kills overall and now he is just one kill behind you for the top spot. Jason K now enters his 3rd bracket and gets 4 kills again in the first round but he advances to the next round because his opponent only got 3 kills as Jason. Jason K then moves onto the next round and does terrible and only gets 2 kills. So after all is said and done, Jason K now has a total of 22 kills overall and now he is the Top 10 leader.

If Jason K wants to pad his lead he can, there is no limit to how many times you can enter a bracket. You can participate as both a counselor and as Jason but you have to be in seperate brackets and register seperately for those. At the end of August we will host a Championship Bracket wit hthe Top 10 Jason players and the Top 10 Counselor players. You will not have to pay a fee to be in the finals (You will have earned it).

Counselor Pick

The best Jason players will take on the best Counselors and we will crown Champions for both Characters. Counselors achieve point per round by staying alive. Your only goal as a counselor is to pad your stats with how much time in game you can stay alive. If Jason K plays as a Counselor and lasts the full 20 minutes in his first round and then dies in the second round in 5 minutes, the grand total for time spent in game will be 25 minutes.

As a counselor you will be matched up in a bracket with other counselors and your only job in each round is to just stay alive alonger than they do. If you win your bracket as a Counselor your total time spend in game after all the rounds will be added up and that will be your score. A perfect score will be 60 minutes per bracket.

The details….anytime you have a fee for a tournament people want to know why? So we will tell you and maybe some people will understand. Competition Sports is not just a Twitch channel, its an LLC, its an actual business. We have spent just over $2500 on promotions, trophies, prizes, website, ads, and more so far and that had to be done because you can’t expect people to enter any tournament unless you have something of value to give back so here is what we plan to do for the winners of our tournament.

We plan on sending you a Crystal Glass trophy that will be engraved with your name on it and it will have the Logo’s from the game and our channel on it as well. You will also earn a spot in our HALL OF FAME section on our website.

If you are a Twitch broadcaster this will be good for you because we will become a backlink for you and also promote your channel with our ads and videos because you are a Champion of our channel. This means we advertise for you for FREE!which one

We are in the final stages of picking out which trophy we want to use but we need the fans and followers of our channel to decide which one so we will post the Top 5 examples you can choose from.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to stop in and chat with us on our Twitch Channel. We stream every night and we cover all things related to this game and the tournaments we are hosting.

You can find out Stream here:

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.


*Twitch TV



*Youtube Channel




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