Ryan Evans climbs up the UFC Lightweight Rankings.

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UFC Lightweight Ryan Evans has been on quite a winning streak lately. He is still undefeated in his professional career and so far he has been dominant. Ryan Evans is a Wrestler. He started training at the age of 9 when his dad enrolled him in a wrestling camp at the University of Iowa.ufc-2-ryan-evans-11-0-vs-ernesto-ballard-screenshot-2017-02-14-00-01-01

In high school, Ryan Evans was a 3x State Champion and was a 2x National Champion for the Iowa Hawkeyes. Ryan Evans comes to the UFC because he wants to dominate the toughest division and that division right now is the 155 lbs weight class. The Lightweight division is stacked full of elite fighters and Ryan Evans so far has dismantled all of them.

In his first big test, Ryan Evans had a dream match up fall into his lap. A fight with top ranked contender Donald Cerrone. This only happened because Cerrone’s opponent was injured and pulled out of their fight with just 2 days to go until the fight. The only person on short notice who would take the fight was Ryan Evans. UFC President Dana White said it was a risky move but the fight was a pleasant surprise.

Donald Cerrone Fell Victim to Multiple Suplexes.

Donald Cerrone fell victim to an onslaught of non stop suplexes. One after another, Cerrone was slammed down onto the canvas and rag dolled most of the match. This was the first time we saw Cerrone dominated like this and it was a coming out party for Ryan Evans.

UFC Lightweight Douglas Hamilton called out Ryan Evans after his fight and said he could beat the one dimensional wrestler no problem. Ryan Evans heard about this and asked Dana White to make that fight happen. (BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR).

Donald Cerrone goes for a ride!

{Dana White}I hope Douglas knows what he is asking for. Ryan Evans is a beast and he has a chip on his shoulder. Guys like that you don’t fuck with because they will tear you to pieces and not even feel guilty about how bad they dismantle you in front of your family. If I was Douglas Hamilton, I would call in sick the night of the fight because Ryan Evans will probably make an example out of him and I expect to see a few massive suplexes in that match and I also see Douglas Hamilton not getting up from those massive suplexes.


Elliott Alvarez didn’t last long after being slammed multiple times, neither will Douglas Hamilton.


Douglas Hamilton Vs Ryan Evans can be seen by clicking the video link below.


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