49ers Make a Change at QB.

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Mcleod Bethel-Thompson is not a name you would except to hear coming out of the 49ers locker room on a Sunday afternoon, that is until today. 49ers Head Coach Michael Opolski said that Blaine Gabbert had half the season to prove himself and he didn’t so this is why the QB change is happening right now.madden-15-4th-season-49ers-8-0-vs-eagles-screenshot-2017-02-22-20-42-33

Anytime a team changes QB’s mid season, it usually means desperation! Coach Michael Opolski said that he came to the 49ers to create a dynasty and the offense wasn’t producing what he thought it should be. Ranked 15th overall in Offense halfway through the season, the 49ers were looking for some more firepower on Offense and I think they found it.

Bethel-Thompson rushed for over 200 yards and had rushing TD’s in the game, he also threw for a few TD’s as well. Overall the switch at QB looks like it was just what coach Opolski was looking for. Coach Opolski was interviewed after the game and here is what he said…madden-15-4th-season-49ers-8-0-vs-eagles-screenshot-2017-02-22-20-41-54

{Coach Opolski}We came out today with a brand new look. We lined up with a Pistol Offense and we did it to throw off the defense and it worked. Right now we have the #1 Defense in the league and the #15 Offense. I want us to be #1 in both and this change at QB will help us get that done.

{Reporter From Daily Sun}Why do this at mid season? You are already in first place and you haven’t lost a game yet?

{Coach Opolski} I came here to create a dynasty like the NFL has never seen. In order to do that, I have to do things no one has ever done. I expect to win more Super Bowls than any coach in history, and I intend to have the best record and winning percentage as well. I didn’t come here to just do a good job, I came here to leave no doubts as to who the best team is every year in the NFL…..its the San Francisco 49ers.madden-15-4th-season-49ers-8-0-vs-eagles-screenshot-2017-02-22-20-44-24

The 49ers play the Seattle Seahawks next week and they only beat them by a touchdown last game and it was close. Will the 49ers new QB be enough to get them to the top of the league for offense? or will this late change cause the 49ers to lose confidence in their coach for making such a bold move during the mid season.

You can watch Bethel-Thompson’s first TD as the 49ers QB by clicking the video link below.


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