Erica Savage Vs Ronda Rousey (Controversy Again)

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The first time these two met, it was a controversial draw. Erica Savage argued that she beat Ronda up the whole match and the UFC was protecting her. Erica Savage was not happy about the decision and demanded a rematch and it looks like she was right all along.

During the fight, there was several times where Ronda was hurt and the fight should have been stopped. Erica Savage had to be thinking to herself in the match (Here we go again). The whole match for Ronda was one big stall tactic. All she did was take Erica down a few times, but wasn’t able to do any damage at all afterwards.ufc-2-erica-savage-16-0-vs-ronda-rousey-screenshot-2017-02-11-22-30-37

At 1:41 of the match, Erica Savage dropped Ronda Rousey with a short left hand and it looked like the fight was over right there, but it wasn’t. For some reason the referee didn’t seem to care about how much damage Ronda took in this fight….much like the last time.

Ronda Rousey was pummeled on the ground and any other judge would have stopped the fight. This has been a non stop controversy with Ronda Rousey as of late. For some reason the refs have been favoring her in match ups and UFC Dana White replied to that rumor.

{DANA WHITE}The rumors are bullshit, Ronda is a champion and she can take some punishment as well as dish it out. The refs do not favor her at all.

For the UFC’s fans, this has been an ongoing issue with Ronda and they are starting to see how Ronda may get the benefit of the doubt much more than most fighters do. Erica Savage wanted to KO Ronda and leave no doubt but the match once again went to a judges decision.

After the fight at the press conference Erica Savage addressed the crowd….

{Erica Savage} I don’t know what you have to do to finish Ronda off?, I must have hit her with at least 20 shots on the ground and the match was not stopped? This was the second time this happened to me with a fight against Ronda. If the UFC ever decides to put me up against her again…..I’m knocking the bitch out cold and leaving no doubts!

I didn’t come to the UFC to be cheated out of wins. My first fight with Ronda was a joke. I dominated the whole fight and the judges said it was a draw. I took no damage and Ronda’s face was a mess. The UFC needs to realize that they unleashed “The Savage”.

I am no longer going to hold back. I will KO everyone I face from here on out. No more going the distance, I am finishing all my fights.ufc-2-erica-savage-16-0-vs-ronda-rousey-screenshot-2017-02-11-22-29-04

Cris Cyborg has been saying that Erica Savage has been hiding from her. Cyborg knows that Erica’s weakest spot is her take down defense, and Cyborg feels that she can take her down at will so she has been chasing after a fight with Savage for some time. Will anything become of that? who knows, but for now we have to watch and see if Erica Savage starts knocking people out.

Does Erica Savage get her revenge? or does this rematch end up as a draw once again? Would you have stopped this fight? Our Experts say Yes….You decide!


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