For Honor (BETA) Game Review

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The Beta download for the new game “For Honor” is now out. This game let’s you pick between 3 different characters Knight, Viking, or a Samurai. The battling in this game is a lot of fun. It takes a little while to get used to the controls but overall once you get through training, its pretty simple.

Defensive moves and offensive moves flow really well together so you can block someone’s attack, and instantly swing right back at an open spot they do not have guarded. Having good timing is key to this game from what I have seen. If you are good at fast paced combat games, then this is one for you.for-honor-screenshot-2017-02-10-16-56-06

The game Graphics wise looks insane. It was a very well made game and after everyone is dead you find yourself looking around just because the scenery is so nice. This will be a fun game for many people who like to get together and do battle. I see this game as being very popular once its released.

To see Pictures, Videos and More, Follow our stream at the links below.


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