Melvin Duncan Wins The Ultimate Fighter.

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The UFC just ended its latest season of The Ultimate Fighter and this time around it was the Flyweights who were on display.The 125 lb weight class is a tough division and has been dominated by Mighty Mouse Johnson for quite some time.

Melvin Duncan is not a name anyone knows so let’s catch you up to date on this recent Ultimate Fighter Winner. Born in New York, he grew up a fan of boxing and his child hood idol was Mike Tyson. He started boxing at the age of 9 and made his way into some smaller promotions in his early teens. ufc-2-melvin-duncan-ultimate-fighter-finale-screenshot-2017-02-08-15-29-55

The one main feature about this guy is something that all UFC fans should know. Melvin’s Brother David was in a gang and was a drug dealer. One day his brother was doing a routine drop off for a customer and DEA agents arrested him. David was put into protective custody and he agreed to a plea deal. The gang and its members didn’t like this. They found out where the police had hidden David and they went after him and murdered him.

No one was caught in the crime but a note was left at the scene and it said “No one turns their back on the Twelves”. For those of you who don’t know, the twelves otherwise know as “The 12” is a gang that wants everyone to know that they kill people all 12 months of the year and no one is safe from their demands”ufc-2-melvin-duncan-ultimate-fighter-finale-screenshot-2017-02-08-12-43-10

Melvin was 16 when this happened and at the time he was a very promising young boxer but his emotions got the better of him and he took his revenge on the gang. The police report states that Melvin asked to replaced his brother spot in the gang. The gang leaders liked this because Melvin was tough and could fight so they offered him a job as an enforcer. Melvin agreed and on his first job he was sent out to collect money from a drug dealer who was friends with his brother David.

Melvin gets to the place where the guy lives and he had one other gang member with him (The Leader). The leaders name was Deion Jackson, a 26 year old guy from Queens New York who was the leader of the 12’s gang for roughly the past 4 years. Melvin asked Deion “How do I move up in the ranks”? Deion told him “You do the jobs”ufc-2-melvin-duncan-vs-butler-1st-ufc-card-screenshot-2017-02-08-13-32-00

Melvin and Deion get to the front door of the guys apartment they are supposed to go and collect from. They enter the guys apartment, smoke some pot and start talking business. Melvin turns and looks to Deion and says “I know you killed my brother David, so today is all about his revenge. I am personally killing off the 12’s gang forever by ending your life here today“...RIGHT NOW!

Melvin was wired by the police and wasn’t supposed to do anything but get names and details, he chose otherwise. Melvin beat Deion until he was dead. Melvin physically battered him until the punches caused him to die. Melvin was arrested right afterwards and was released a year later as part of his agreement to work with the police. ufc-2-melvin-duncan-vs-butler-1st-ufc-card-screenshot-2017-02-08-13-32-37

Today Melvin sports a very unique look around his neck. His tattoo is the 12’s gang logo. Melvin had it tattooed on him in jail to let everyone in the world know that he is the one who killed Deion and killed the entire gang off. Melvin may have taken revenge for his brothers death, but that is now in the past and he is ready to move on and that is why he entered the Ultimate Fighter Tournament.

Melvin is here to take over the division and he knows that means setting up a battle with Mighty Mouse at some point. Melvin took out an entire gang of street thugs, I don’t think he will be intimidated by anyone in the UFC. Melvin has insane Knockout Power and has shown to be very intimidating as a competitor thus far.ufc-2-melvin-duncan-vs-butler-1st-ufc-card-screenshot-2017-02-08-13-32-24

You can watch Melvin’s Ultimate Fighter Season Finale Fight Below.


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