Ivan Koloff Keeps on Winning!

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Ivan Koloff took the UFC world by storm. He won the Ultimate Fighter show, and he set himself up as the #1 contender for the Heavyweight Title against Junior Dos Santos. After winning 10 fights in a row all by KO, Ivan Koloff started to get the attention of UFC president Dana White.

Ivan Koloff beats Cain Valesquez to become the #1 Contender

{Dana White}We saw this guy as a real threat in the heavyweight division and so far he has lived up the hype and then some. He’s been knocking everyone out so we put him up against some tough guys and he beat them all so yeah….he gets Dos Santos next for the belt.

The UFC has seen its share of top level contenders but Ivan Koloff is a real scary dude. He not only KO’s everyone, but its the way he is doing it that makes him so scary. He can KO you with a kick or a punch and any shot he throws at you can be enough to knock you out.

Junior Dos Santos said that he is not afraid of Ivan Koloff, in fact he said he will knock him out and keep his title and end the perfect record of Koloff. Once Ivan Koloff heard this news he went right after the champion during the press conference and here is what he said.

Herb Dean watches as Cain Valesquez gets knocked out by Ivan Koloff!

{Ivan Koloff} – I will dominate this match, I am going to predict a 2nd round KO of Dos Santos. He’s slow and predictable and after one round of feeling my pressure and my power, that will be enough to wear him down so I can knock his ass out and take that belt from him. I didn’t come to the UFC to lose and this match will be just another example of how dominate of a champion I will be.

{Brett Okimoto} – I heard a rumor that you were going to drop down to Light Heavyweight if you beat Dos Santos, is there any truth to that?

{Ivan Koloff} – I don’t know who your sources are but they are good. Yes!….I will win the heavyweight title and then defend it. Once I have done that, I will toss that belt aside and go right after the Light heavyweight Title as well. I see that Shogun Rua has the belt. I’m coming after him as soon as I am done with his buddy Dos Santos here.

Will Ivan Koloff KO Junior Dos Santos?

{Brett Okimoto} – Do you plan to keep both belts or what does “toss that one aside mean“?

{Ivan Koloff} – It means I will give Dana that belt because quite frankly, no one in that division is going to stop me so I am going to challenge myself and go down a weight class because there are some savages in that division and I want to see how good they really are.

{Dana White} – We talked about this already with Ivan. We have no problem with him dropping down a weight class. I will say this……Shogun Rua better watch out! We’ll have Ivan fight for the #1 contender spot first in that division but, plan on those two meeting up in the near future.

You can watch the entire Junior Dos Santos Vs Ivan Koloff Title Fight below.



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