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The UFC is no stranger to finding the latest and greatest talent when it comes to mixed martial arts and boy did they find a rare gem in this new guy Ivan Koloff. Named after a famous professional wrestler, Ivan Koloff appeared on the MMA scene when he was a competitor on the “Ultimate Fighter”.ufc-2-ivan-koloff-career-modefinal-screenshot-2017-02-03-01-48-00

On the show he was a virtual unknown. Coming from Russia, many of the fighters knew nothing about him except that he had a lot of KO power in his hands. Fight after fight, Ivan Koloff showed a lot of talent. Not only does he have a nasty ground and pound game, but he also can KO you with just about any shot he throws at you.ufc-2-ivan-koloff-career-modefinal-screenshot-2017-02-03-01-48-19

As a Heavyweight he has his work cut out for him but we expect to see big things out of this guy because he has been impressive thus far in his career. UFC President Dana White was asked about Ivan Koloff and he said the following after the season finale of the Ultimate Fighter.

{Dana White}This guy is a combination of Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. He has great ground and pound like Brock does, and he has these massive hands just like Shane Carwin. I don’t know the kid all that well, but he has hands like cement blocks.

The guy has an extensive background in Kickboxing that we didn’t know about and he’s been hook kicking the shit out of guys like its nothing. I’ve seen a lot of scary dudes in my lifetime, this guy is right up there with some of the greats.ufc-2-ivan-koloff-career-mode-screenshot-2017-02-03-19-16-29

Ivan Koloff was very vocal at the post fight press conference and here is what he had to say….

{Ivan Koloff} I came to the UFC to become champion. I will destroy every man who stands in front of me and I will not hesitate to KO each and every person in the Heavyweight division. I am here for one reason, to be the best of all time in the heavyweight division. No one can take my power….NO ONE!

I am here to destroy and I will not be defeated. Heavyweights beware! I’m here now and this is now my house!ufc-2-ivan-koloff-career-mode-screenshot-2017-02-03-19-16-51

After winning the “Ultimate Fighter” Ivan Koloff was happy, but not satisfied. He understands that he has a lot of work to do, but his end goal is to be the Heavyweight Champion.


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