UFC 209 Results: Erica Savage Vs Cat Zingano (Epic Finish).

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If you thought UFC Fighter Erica Savage wasn’t tough, well now you have some serious proof. When you talk about overcoming adversity in the fight game, sometimes your heart and desire to win is all you have left in you and that was the case here tonight in her fight with Cat Zingano.ufc-2-erica-savage-vs-cat-zingano-screenshot-2017-01-23-01-24-33

Cat Zingano was dominate in the early going.

Erica Savage entered this fight with a perfect 15-0 record. She had all the moment and a new hair cut as well. With a new hair and anew focus, she seemed unstoppable…..until she met Cat Zingano. There was some questions entering this fight as to whether or not Erica Savage could fend off the take downs of Cat Zingano and if not, could she then survive against the elite ground game that Zingano has.

All of those questions were answered tonight. When we talk about some of the biggest moments in UFC history we may have just witnessed one of those in this fight. For most of the match it was Zingano dictating the pace and she had a solid game plan for sure

Once round 3 started, Erica Savage knew that it was close on the score cards and that Zingano would try to steal the last round for sure with take downs. Savage had a hard time stopping any take down attempts by Zingano, it was almost too easy but Erica Savage showed us tonight that when she is ready to turn into “The Savage” then she isn’t playing games anymore.

The Kick That Ended The Fight!

Erica Savage has something similar to “Beast Mode” which was named after NFL running back Marshawn Lynch because he would run people over in a game and seem almost invincible while doing it which ended up leading to the phrase now known as “Beast Mode”

Well, Erica Savage has her own version of Beast Mode and its just as impressive. At the start of round 3, Erica Savage had this look in her eyes and its almost scary to even describe it but when she has that look…..Look Out!, and that is exactly what Cat Zingano didn’t do and Erica Savage was able to KO Zingano with one of the nastiest head kicks you will ever see happen in the women’s division.

After the fight we asked Erica Savage about that kick.

{Press Conference} UFC 209

(Reporter): What did you see that allowed you to land that kick?

(Erica Savage)My game plan coming into this fight was to get beat up…..yes, get beat up! My style vs hers is not a good match up at all, she’s too strong and too good on the ground so I had no choice but to wear her down over time and tire her out so she wouldn’t be able to defend my “Savage” when it comes out. Cat is very strong, I couldn’t stop her take downs and so I let her use up her energy and then I chose when it was time to strike.

At the start of round 3, she came out looking tired, she looked at the clock right as the bell rang which means she’s counting down to stall so she can steal this round and win. As she came out towards me, I saw she had her hands a bit lower as she reached out to touch gloves, and she was charging towards me so I thought that she would be to tired to defend against my fast head kick and I was right. I had reserved energy….she didn’t. I had plenty left in the gas tank so to speak and my cardio and my  “Savage Kick” are what got me this victory tonight. Cat is a very good fighter and when I am champ, I will give her a title shot because she deserves it.

The UFC has announced that Erica Savage will now face Ronda Rousey for the #1 Contender spot. This is another bad match up for Savage because Rousey is an even better grappler than Zingano is so this will be interesting to see how Savage plans for this fight.

If you missed out on the Erica Savage Vs Cat Zingano fight, you can watch the whole fight here by clicking on the video below. The ending is amazing!


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