UFC 2 – Erica Savage Has Arrived!

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For those of you who don’t follow MMA, there is a new name you must get to know and that name is Erica Savage. She is a kickboxer who started out in a much smaller circuit but has made her way into the UFC and Dana White has said some very interesting things about her….

Erica Savage Finishes Holly Holm.

{Dana White} “Listen, this girl is nasty”, This girl can strike like no one we have ever seen in the women’s division before, I mean she just out boxed Holly Holm for christ sakes!

Dana White has said that Erica Savage is now in talks to possibly get a title shot within the next year. Her next fight will be against Cat Zingano (Says Dana White) “She will fight Cat next and then we’ll see”.

Erica Savage has been destroying people ever since she came to the UFC. she is currently 15-0 and has put herself in title contention after tonight’s impressive showing. She started out with a very tall red mohawk and tonight she came out with a different look so we asked her about that.ufc-2-vs-holly-holm-screenshot-2017-01-19-19-39-42

{Erica Savage} I trained differently for this fight, and I also did my hair different because now that I am in the top 10 in this division, its time to be more serious about my approach to one day being world champion so the hair had to go because it was a distraction.

The battle between her and Holly Holm was epic! At times Holly looked in trouble and then out of nowhere she Thai Clinches Savage and then drops her with a knee to the face and it landed solid.ufc-2-vs-holly-holm-screenshot-2017-01-19-21-52-54

Savage has the heart of a warrior, she was down but not out. Savage was able to get back up to her feet and eventually score a take down which eventually lead to her victory. Holly Holm looked great tonight…..but Erica Savage looked much better. She looked quicker to the punch, her movement was great and her timing of that take down was perfect late in the match.

The sky is the limit with this girl, she could go down as one of the most dominant fighters in UFC history if she keeps going the way she does. How will she do against Ronda Rousey? What about Cyborg or even a possible rematch with Holly again?

You can watch the Epic Battle between Erica Savage and Holly Holm below.


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