DOOM – Campaign Mode (E1M1 Level)

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This is the first mission on the game DOOM. This is an amazing game that plays very fast. Lots of destruction and chaos but overall its just a great game. I was able to get two add-ons for this game. I picked up the expansion packs (Unto the Evil) and (Hell Followed).doom-gameplay-2016-screenshot-2016-09-02-22-58-15

I remember playing the original DOOM on the computer when I was younger and this new updated version of the game is excellent. If you like running around and blowing alien creatures up, then this is a great game to buy. I will be posting videos of my gameplay for this title and many others on my Youtube Channel.doom-walkthrough-part-1-screenshot-2016-11-29-16-49-43

Once I finish the Campaign Mode and play around on some of the new maps, I’ll be looking to play with some people online and in 2017 I will be looking to do some DOOM Tournaments as well.

***You can watch the first 30 minutes of my gameplay by watching the video below…..Enjoy the chaos!

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