President Trump Tells CAW Elite Wrestling That It’s Time To “Drain The Swamp”

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President Trump held a private tournament and all of the CAW Elite Wrestling world was not invited. This was a secret event for Champions only but ion the end we found out just what this event was intended for.
President Trump said he wanted to “Drain The Swamp” so when he took over CAW Elite Wrestling he had heard rumors of The Predator wanting to leave and go to another company. President Trump is big on loyalty and he did not like hearing this news as the new owner of the company.presidential-match-trump-vs-predator-screenshot-2016-11-21-16-37-10
President Trump made The Predator go through an entire tournament before he announced the grand prize. Once The Predator was declared the winner of the tournament after a long hard fought battle with the Undertaker, that is when President Trump came out to present the “Presidential Belt” to him.

As Trump entered the ring the eyes of The Predator got wide open. Having the Presidential Belt means you control all of CAW Elite Wrestling. You are the Champion of the league and you make the rules. President Trump kept his word when he said he will “Drain The Swamp“, instead of handing over the Presidential Belt, he instead challenged the Predator to a match. The Predator already beaten and broken down had no choice but to say yes so with that we had ourselves an unexpected match.

Needless to say this match wasn’t much of a match at all. President Trump sent his message loud and clear to everyone in CAW Elite Wrestling and that message is. “You don’t mess with the Teflon Don”
The matches from this event will be posted to out Youtube channel soon. It looks like 2017 is going to be a huge year for CAW Elite Wrestling with President Trump in charge now.presidential-match-trump-vs-predator-screenshot-2016-11-21-16-38-22

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