Red Dead Redemption (Game Review)

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I recently bought the game Red Dead Redemption during the Xbox Black Friday Sale. I played the game before and finished it but I also remember that I still had a lot of challenges left to finish so I went back and bought the game and started playing

This is such a great game. The game looks amazing and the story mode isn’t bad either. There is a lot to do in this game and there is also a lot to see. As you make your way through the game, you get exposed to new regions of the map and they all look amazing. The sunsets look great, and the snow capped mountain area is real nice too.

(SPOILER ALERT): I am going to go through the game a second time but some of the missions won’t let you do them because you already completed them early so if I can find and shoot Big Foot out in the woods……I’m shooting him! Sorry but John Marston is a hunter and he hunts all animals including humans and Giant Sasquatch’

In terms of open world games go, I like this game a lot because you can go all over the map and in certain places you find rare animals. Have fun if you find the Super Giant Grizzly Bear. Make sure you have plenty of ammo if you take that bear on!

Red Dead Redemption gets a 5 Star rating from me just because of the fun factor alone. You can log in countless hours of playtime on this game and not be bored. I am excited to see what new changes they make for Red Dead 2 once they release it. I will be getting that game once it comes out for

Watch this video clip below of what happens to you if you try and shoot at me as a gang member in this game. John Marston is not your ordinary sheriff, he takes matters into his own hands.

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