UFC 2 – Michael Opolski Vs Connor McGregor (Featherweight Championship)

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UFC fighter Michael Opolski has been on a 12 fight win streak with 12 KO’s. With his last victory over Jose Aldo he was shouting for a title shot. The UFC heard him loud and clear and they gave him his big chance.connor-ufc

On November 20th 2016, Michael Opolski stepped into the UFC Octagon against one of the greatest champions in the sports history……Connor McGregor! This match up was scheduled for 5 rounds but it didn’t even last a full minute.

In their first stand up exchange, Michael Opolski connected with two elbows back to back on McGregor and they obviously took a huge effect on the champion. With McGregor rocked from two elbows, Michael Opolski shot in with a single leg take down and once he got Connor McGregor to the ground, it was  all over. Michael Opolski connected with some heavy elbows from the top position and it was way more than McGregor could handle.connors-done

The referee stopped the fight after he saw that McGregor was knocked out cold. This was an impressive victory over the champion and one that Michael Opolski should be very proud of. Dismantling a dominate champion doesn’t happen too often but when it does, it shocks the world (Weidman Vs Silva I).

With recent victories over Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo, there is not telling how dominate of a champion Michael Opolski can be.

***You can watch the replay of the Championship Match Below***


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