Madden 15 – The Perfect Season (The Perfect Super Bowl).

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The San Francisco 49ers have won the Super Bowl and ended the regular season with a perfect record. First year head coach Michael Opolski promised the NFL world that he would not only delivery a Super Bowl championship to the 49ers Franchise, but also a perfect season, and he did just that.madden-15-the-perfect-season-the-super-bowl-screenshot-2016-11-16-01-18-35

The 49ers went 16-0 and had no problem getting through the playoffs. In the end they met the New England Patriots and it wasn’t even close. Coach Michael Opolski said in his pre game interview that “Tom Brady will have one of his worst performances ever today. My defense will make sure of that

Tom Brady was asked what he felt and he said “No Comment“. Coach Opolski was correct in his statement because Tom Brady did nothing but struggle the entire game. The New England Patriots were shut out 44-0 in what could very well be the worst beating in Super Bowl history.madden-15-the-perfect-season-the-super-bowl-screenshot-2016-11-16-01-22-24

In terms of stats, the Patriots couldn’t move the ball on offense. The 49ers defense had an answer for everything they had. 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert was the game’s MVP. He had his best performance of the year in the biggest game of his life.madden-15-the-perfect-season-the-super-bowl-screenshot-2016-11-16-01-23-25

This has been one of the greatest performances by a team ever in a Super Bowl. The defense controlled this game from the very start. The New England Patriots are a team known for scoring but today they couldn’t cross mid field for most of the game.madden-15-the-perfect-season-the-super-bowl-screenshot-2016-11-16-01-17-55

You can watch the entire game below.

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