CAW Elite Wrestling Presents: Executive Order Championship Tournament.

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Newly elected president Donald Trump has taken over CAW Elite Wrestling and is already making a huge impact. President Trump has announced that no other title matters any more except the “Presidential Title

That title belt allows you to control your matches and the rules. It also allows you to control the matches for every PPV event. This title gives you the ultimate power. The entire direction of the league could change depending on who gets their hands on that belt.

President Trump said that he only wants “Winners” in his tournament so he hand selected each and every world champion on the CAW Elite Wrestling roster. Only the best of the best are selected for this tournament and here they are.

Trump Presidential Championship Tournament
#1. Connor McGregor- UFC Champion
#2. Nemesis – WCW World Heavyweight Champ
#3. Predator – WCW World Heavyweight Champion
#4. Goldberg – Raw Heavyweight Champion
#5. Michael Myers – Intercontinental Champion
#6. Undertaker – WWE Champion
#7. Juggernaut – WCW World Heavyweight Champion
#8. Fleshpound – NXT World Heavyweight Champion

Who will win this Championship?

President Trump has also said that he will be hosting a special edition of Survivor Series as well. on November 24th 2016, Donald Trump will host the “Survivor Series” (Executive Order). President Trump will be announcing the matches soon and rumor is that he will be presenting a brand new title belt. The Presidential Championship Belt is the most powerful title in all of CAW but if we know one thing, President Trump is always full of surprises.

The Presidential Tournament will be available to watch on our Youtube Channel soon. Be on the look out for that and many other new videos coming to our channel.

Will all the titles be on the line at Survivor Series? or will we see something completely new? Stay tuned for further developments on the Survivor Series.

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