Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #6 Vs St. Louis Rams.

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Well if new 49ers head coach Michael Opolski wanted controversy….He just got it! The 49ers had a very tough game with the Rams and it seemed to bring out tempers in everyone, let’s begin.

First up we have Coach Michael Opolski’s personal problems with his starting QB Blaine Gabbert. Coach Opolski was waiting for one bad game from his QB and he was going to bench him and that game was today….but it backfired.

Blaine Gabbert threw an interception which allowed the Rams to have the ball back with great field position. This was enough to get coach Opolski to take action. Once Gabbert was benched there was a weird vibe in the stadium, it almost felt as if the crowd felt bad for Gabbert. So with Gabbert out, in comes Mcloud Bethel-Thompson. 

This was a shock to the sporting world but coach Opolski said before the start of the pre-season that he would be mixing things up and in this case, it wasn’t the right move. Bethel-Thompson was sacked on a play shortly after entering the game and he went down hard and may have a broken rib. Now that he is out of the game its time for Gabbert to come back in against his will of his head coach.

Bethel-Johnson goes down after a hard tackle.

Gabbert was able to come back in the game and help the 49ers to victory by beating the Rams by a score of 30-6. With that win the 49ers improve to 6-0 on the season. The running game was solid and pretty much controlled the tempo of the game. After the game we spoke with coach Opolski about what happened and this is what he had to say….madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-6-los-angeles-rams-screenshot-2016-10-09-15-26-26

{Coach Michael Opolski} “I know a lot of people question my decision making today but trust me folks, I know this team better than anyone and I think Blaine Gabbert is a good QB, but he is not operating our offense in the way we should be and I have no issues trading his ass if need be so to all the NFL owners out there LISTEN UP!, I am putting Blaine Gabbert out on the trading block as of this week. I’m not fucking around!. I want winners on this team and he is not living up to the standard of what we expect so I am open to any and all offers”.madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-6-los-angeles-rams-screenshot-2016-10-09-02-21-59

This news was a shock to everyone in the NFL. Blaine Gabbert has led his team to a perfect 6-0 record and his coach wants to trade him? We are not sure if coach Opolski is just “NUTS” or if he is a “GENIUS” and we just don’t know it yet. Think about this football fans. coach Opolski has taken a 5-11 team from a year ago and brought them into this season with a different mindset and game plan and now here they sit at 6-0 in the league.

It wasn’t long after the Rams Defense took out QB Bethel-Johnson that the 49ers took their revenge. Rams QB Sam Bradford was hit numerous times in this game and some of them seemed like on purpose “Late Hits” even though no flags were thrown. This is where the controversy starts. Did coach Opolski order his defense to attack and take out the Rams QB Sam Bradford? if so is this what we can come to expect from the 49ers moving forward?

In week #5, the 49ers took out Chiefs QB Alex Smith and their backup Chase Daniels in the same game. The 49ers defense is scary to say the least but NFL QB’s all over the league are starting to panic because this is the type of defense that ruins careers.

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