Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #5 Vs Kansas City Chiefs.

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The San Francisco 49ers dominated their week #5 match up with the Kansas City Chiefs. Coach Michael Opolski saw a much improved offense and he was pleased with the teams performance.

Blaine Gabbert went 15/23 for 320 Yards and 5 td’s and no Interceptions. This was by far his best game of the season. Running back Marcus Lattimore added 144 yards on the ground and one TD.madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-5-kansas-city-chiefs-screenshot-2016-10-05-23-33-28

Defensively, the 49ers were elite. Leading the way was Ian Williams who had 5 solo tackles and 3 QB sacks. The 49ers defense ranks as one of the best in the league and has shown depth in the lineup over these past few weeks. It is going to take a really solid performance by a team to knock off the 49ers and as they lock up a 5-0 record and 1st place in the NFC West Division, who knows how much better they can become.

After the game Coach Opolski had this to say…..“As a team we are starting to become what I know we can be. I fully expect the rest of the NFL to be on full alert as we keep racking up wins week after week. I came to the 49ers organization to create the single greatest dynasty in the history if the league but I am committed to making that happen and when it does, I’ll say I told you so!”madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-5-kansas-city-chiefs-screenshot-2016-10-05-22-47-12

Coach Opolski has taken on a lot of bad press lately with his comments about taking his team to a Super Bowl in his first year as head coach. If that wasn’t enough, coach Opolski also has promised a “Perfect Season” and so far with a very convincing 5-0 start, the 49ers are looking like a team that could actually pull it off.

Michael Crabtree Tip Toes The Sideline For a TD.

The 49ers gave the entire league a reason to fear their powerful defense. Chiefs starting QB Alex Smith was taken out of the game due to injury. Smith took a solid hit and was slow to get up. He is in the concussion protocol program now and there is no word as to when he could be back. If the Chiefs do not get him back then it will be backup Chase Daniel taken over in his place.

Speaking of Chase Daniel, he stepped in a fired a rifle pass for a TD and got the Chiefs on the scoreboard for the first time. It was long after that touchdown pass that the 49ers started to figure out Daniels and his pattern. The 49ers blitzed on a play and caught Chase Daniel as he tried to get away.

Chiefs QB Chase Daniel Goes Down!

The tackle injured Daniels and he was also sent back to the locker room to be entered into the concussion protocol. With both the starting QB and the backup both out, the Chiefs night wasn’t looking to good as the 49ers ended up finishing the game with a 48-15 victory.madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-5-kansas-city-chiefs-screenshot-2016-10-05-23-39-55

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