Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #4 Vs Philadelphia Eagles.

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Heading into game #4 of the regular season, 49ers head coach Michael Opolski said that his team needed to perform better on offense and they did. The story of the game was Tight End Vernon Davis. He was able to have his break out game of the season and he showed why he is one of the most valuable tight ends in the NFL.

Vernon Davis had a huge day!

The 49ers were beaten on two big plays and one of them was a defensive play that went for a Touchdown. The 49ers were on the goal line when Marcus Lattimore fumbled the ball and the Eagles were able to scoop up the ball and run it all the way back for a TD.


This catch was the first big play TD the 49ers gave up so far this season. Smith took this catch 80 yards for the TD.

The 49ers defense played a solid game and pressured Eagles QB Nick Foles all game.The eagles offense was basically quiet this game minus the 80 yard YD pass that was a result of bad coverage on the part of the 49ers. Nick Foles was sacked 3 times and threw a pick 6 early in the game. The 49ers defense is still considered one of the best in the league and if they didn’t give up a few big plays, they would have had a very solid showing against the Eagles but with a 42-21 victory, I don’t know how much you can really complain.

Nick Foles had pressure on him the entire game.

The 49ers move to 4-0 on the season and they play against the Kansas City Chiefs next week. The match up next week could be the last game Blaine Gabbert needs to worry about his job as starting QB if he performs well. 49ers coach Michael Opolski said he wanted to see more out of his QB and we are not sure if Gabbert’s performance against the Eagles was enough to keep the coach happy despite it being a blow out win.

Blaine Gabbert is 4-0 on the season, but his coach demands more!


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