Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #3 Vs Arizona Cardinals.

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The 3rd week of the NFL season is now complete and the San Francisco 49ers are now 3-0. New head coach Michael Opolski said that “This was a terrible game for us, we couldn’t move the ball well and the only thing that stood out today was the defense so I guess we give the game ball today to the entire defense for bailing us out”

Coach Opolski wasn’t happy at all with the offense and rumor has it that he is looking to do a change at QB. When we asked him he said this….“I have to really look at what’s best for the team right now, I promised a perfect season to the fans and I will deliver on that promise”

The 49ers are surprising everyone with how well they are playing, especially on defense. If coach Opolski plans on making changes at the QB position, who knows if that will hurt the team or help them so I guess for now we all wait and see what develops.

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