Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #2 Vs Chicago Bears.

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The San Francisco 49ers shut out the Chicago Bears in their second game of the regular season 38-0. The 49ers defense proved to be too much for the Bears and coach Michael Opolski had this to say afterwards…

“We are now 2-0 and we have some tough games ahead of us but if we keep playing at the level we are, its going to be very hard to stop us“. Coach Opolski promised the 49er nation a super bowl victory this year and a “Perfect Season“.madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-2-chicago-bears-screenshot-2016-09-28-16-35-02

From the opening kickoff this game wasn’t even close. Blaine Gabbert silenced his critics this week with a great performance. Gabbert threw for 348 yards, and 3 TD’s against Chicago. Coach Opolski has some how found a way to bring out the best in his QB.

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time – 39:41) –


Jay Cutler never stood a chance in this game. The 49ers defensive front was non stop with pressure up the middle and it not only killed the run game for the Bears, but it also allowed no time for Cutler to make many throws.madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-2-chicago-bears-screenshot-2016-09-28-17-21-26

Overall the 49ers possess a unique blend of talent. There is a lot of new names on this roster who are playing this year and they seem to be rising to the challenge under coach Opolski’s leadership.

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time – 39:41) –


The 49ers are off to a great start so far and they have a lot of tough games coming up so only time will tell if they can keep this level of play up. So far no one has been able to really test them but keep in mind, its also only week #2 so let’s not give them the Lombardi trophy just yet!


The odds are stacked against the 49ers if they plan to go undefeated. The bulk of their schedule is against top ranked defenses and this offense that coach Michael Opolski has put together will be tested. It’s too early to tell if this team has what it takes to go 16-0 but 2-0 is a good start.

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time – 39:41) –

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