Madden 15 “The Perfect Season” Game #1 Vs Dallas Cowboys.

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The San Francisco 49ers have announced their new head coach. Michael Opolski who is a life long fan will now be taking over of the team as head coach. Michael Opolski’s ideas for the team are of (Pure Dominance) as he puts it.

Coach Opolski said that he is here to make a statement in the NFL and that starts with one of the boldest claims we have ever heard in the history of the NFL.

Coach Opolski celebrates another 49ers Touchdown with his players.

Michael Opolski has not only promised the 49er fans a Super Bowl win this year, but also…..”A Perfect Season“. When coach Opolski made this announcement on ESPN, he shocked the world. Some called him “Arrogant” and some called him “A Badass

Whether you like his comments or not, coach Opolski is here to stay and so far he has his team on the right path. The 49ers opened their season against the Dallas Cowboys. Coach Opolski told the media the following

“A lot of people are writing off this team. They see Blaine Gabbert as our QB and think he can’t get the job done. I also hear talks of how bad our defense has been, well I am here to tell everyone on planet earth that as of today, the 49ers best Dynasty is about to begin. I mean no offense to Joe Montana or Jerry Rice but gentlemen, your records will be shattered. I am here to write a new chapter in 49ers history. I plan to also break Don Shula’s record for most wins as a coach. Ladies and gentlemen of the media, you are about to witness a change in the NFL and that change is going to be everyone else trying to figure out how to beat The San Francisco 49ers and its just not going to happen”madden-15-the-perfect-season-game-1-dallas-cowboys-screenshot-2016-09-27-02-47-42

You could sense that Coach Opolski meant every word he said when he made his announcement and so far his team who was just 5-11 a year ago is starting to look and feel like a new team. Coach Opolski said his years of training on Madden Football has led him to this position. What can we expect from a coach who uses a video game as his experience? Only time will tell!

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time 46:09)


The opening game of the season started out with both teams trading touchdowns but once the 49ers ground game got rolling, it was pretty much over after that. The 49ers defense also stepped up and was able to shut down the Dallas offense. The defensive pressure was enough to keep Dallas QB Tony Romo on his heels the entire game. Coach Opolski said afterwards that “Romo can’t throw for shit on the run anymore so we made him run tonight”


Not only did the 49ers make Tony Romo run, but they also made him go backwards, many times. The Cowboys found themselves in a lot of 3rd and LONG situations and that was a direct result of the defensive front of the 49ers shutting down the ground game. If it wasn’t for a broken coverage by the defense early on, chances are the Cowboys wouldn’t have seen the endzone at all.

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time 46:09)

The Cowboys gave up a late SAFETY in the 4th QTR and it only happened because the Cowboys Offensive line was exhausted. It’s going to be very hard for any team to deal with this kind of defensive pressure. The 49ers are legit ladies and gentlemen and they are here to make a statement.


The 49ers ended up winning the game 44-10. Overall it was a statement game by head coach Michael Opolski and his statement has been heard loud and clear. The 49ers play Chicago next and that is expected to be a total blow out because Chicago has a lot of injuries and their offensive line is very weak. My Prediction for the game will be 49ers 52, the Chicago Bears (Zero).

WATCH THE GAME HERE: (Running Time 46:09)

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