CAW Elite Wrestling is Back! (2nd Season).

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Competition Sports is happy to bring back another season of CAW Elite Wrestling. For those of you who don’t know what (CAW) means. It means “Create a Wrestler“. The video game WWE2k16 allows you to create your own custom characters and this has been a part of wrestling games for years so there is a huge group of people out there who specialize in creating their own versions of characters and even story lines and those are called “CAW Leagues“.

My Twitch Channel “Competition Sports” is doing its 2nd season of CAW Elite Wrestling and we are debuting this on the Xbox One with the WWE2K16 game. The only big setback I have with this game is that it doesn’t allow you to use custom music for wrestlers entrances. Nothing worse than having Superman or Jason Voorheees in your game and they come out to some generic music that doesn’t even relate to them. The ability to have custom soundtracks is a must if you plan to capture nostalgia in its purest form and music is huge part of the show.

In the weeks to come I will be updating the story lines of this season and will be posting the matches and full length events on here as well. I have included in this blog the Tag Team Championship Match Between Demolition and The Road Warriors for the WWE Tag Team Titles. There will be some brand new created championship belts that will be introduced soon and what they special meanings are to our league.


Stay tuned for more action and news from Competition Sports.

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