CAW Elite Wrestling Presents: PAYBACK “Undertaker’s Rules” (EVENT RESULTS) 5.22.2016

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Match #1 – Spider Man Vs Stone Cold (Intercontinental Championship). Spiderman was able to shock the world and defeat Stone Cold Steve Austin to claim the Intercontinental Championship.

Payback 2016 - Match #1 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-31-10

Match #2 – Chucky vs Jason Vorhees Vs Michael Myers (Money Championship). Chucky always seems to find a way to win. Chucky was able to escape Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers in this Steel Cage Matchup to retain his “Money” Championship Title.Payback 2016 - Match #2 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-32-04

Match #3 – Akeem vs Andre vs Big John Studd vs Yokozuna Vs Thanos Vs Fat Albert (Battle Royal Championship). Akeem entered this match as the champion and he left this match without his belt. Yokozuna was clearly the most dominate person in this match. He will continue his feud with Akeem in the near future.Payback 2016 - Match #3 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-32-34

Match #4 – Goldberg vs HHH (Hardcore Title). Goldberg has been on quite a tear lately. He had a tough match here with HHH, but ended up hitting the Jackhammer on him which ended the match by way of pinfall.Payback 2016 - Match #4 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-33-14


Match #5 – Powers of Pain vs Dudley Boys (Table Match) World Tag Team Title Match. This was not even close! The powers of Pain have established themselves as a real power house tag team. They have a stacked division that is after them.Payback 2016 - Match #5 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-34-03

Match #6 – Iron Sheik Vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts (CAW Legends Championship). This was a coming out party for Jake Roberts. This was the night where Jake Roberts etched himself further into the record book. The CAW Elite Legends Championship was on the line and after a decent match, Jake Roberts defeated The Iron Sheik to win the title.Payback 2016 - Match #6 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-34-31

Match #7 – Superman Vs Batman (Retirement Ladder Match) Superman uses his WEED Title to challenge Batman to a retirement match. If Batman loses, he is gone. If Batman wins, then the title belt goes to him and he gains the right to challenge anyone to a retirement match at any event.

Superman’s career is not on the line in this match only Batman’s career is at stake. This match had tons of drama around it. Was this the last time we will ever see Batman in CAW Elite Wrestling? We had out doubts about this one but in the end Batman was able to save his career and renew his rivalry with Superman. this is “NOT” the last we will hear from these two.Payback 2016 - Match #7 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-34-48


Match #8 – Undertaker Vs Kane (Title for Title) Hell in a Cell. This match had everyone in the CAW Community Talking. The Undertaker and Kane enter this match each having a real chance at being the first superstar EVER to be inducted into the CAW Hall of Fame.

In order to qualify you have to hold all 3 of the Major Championships all at one time. Once you do that you get your spot in the hall of fame. No superstar has done this yet but now that we have this match up….we are one step closer to that becoming a reality.

The Undertaker was on his game tonight and from the early start of this match up you had a sense that he was going to come out on top. Kane put up a good fight for a while but in the end The Undertaker’s determination was too much to handle.

The Undertaker now positions himself to Challenge the Elite World Heavyweight Champion to a Match. If the Undertaker can win that match up, then he will be the first in history to ever unify all three of the major titles. The Undertaker can challenge the World Champion at the Next PPV Event if he wants to. If he chooses to wait then it will be up to the CAW Elite Executives to decide when and where that match will take place.Payback 2016 - Match #8 Screenshot 2016-04-21 23-35-11

This Event was held on May 1st, 2016 @9pm EST on Competition Sports Network.

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